Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]

Synth1 [Freeware], Virtual subtractive synth from Daichi Laboratory.

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jonoftheshred88 07/10/2014

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware] : jonoftheshred88's user review

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As far as compatibility issues go, I do not recall any instances of software malfunctioning. When I first started using Synth 1 and importing banks into it, I do remember the process being rather confusing at first - loaded banks would frequently disappear. And while the general setup / configuration of the synthesizer is extremely easy to navigate, I think the imagery would benefit from a more professional looking design.

Another thing I would like to mention is loading the presets from banks is rather tedious. If you want to browse different sounds, you can only choose ONE AT A TIME, then the library box disappears. Sure, this is only a few-second inconvenience, but it makes browsing the preset sounds so much more difficult and time consuming, when it seems like something that could be fixed with ease.


Synth1 works brilliantly with my DAW. It's a very versatile synth with a great diversity of sounds. I've never noticed any CPU spikes, it's never bogged down my DAW or anything like that. The software seems stable, and aside from the minor issues mentioned earlier (unappealing interface design, library windows closing whilst browsing presets) seems quite stable, even multiple instances running simultaneously.

I actually opted not to use this synth for years based on it's looks alone - I know, ignorance at it's finest! But 6 years ago I was not as well versed in VST's as I am now. I just couldn't understand why so many went on about how Synth1 is the ultimate freeware VST. Now, years later, I can understand the love for this VST far more than I did back then.


The best thing about Synth1 is it's surplus of diverse sounds. This thing can nail any tone you're looking for! And the user support is incredible - literally hundreds of banks. For the price of FREE you can't complain about Synth1, it truly shouldn't be freeware but I am very grateful that it is. I know producers who make full albums with Synth1, and they sound pretty killer!

You simply can't go wrong with freeware, and Synth1 is amongst the best of them, right there with my other personal favorite freeware VST, SQ8L.