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  • Syntheway DAL Flute v2.1

    Syntheway DAL Flute v2.1

    01/04/11 in Syntheway DAL Flute 2

    Syntheway has updated DAL Flute to version 2.1.

  • SONiVOX MI Presents Broadway Lites

    SONiVOX MI Presents Broadway Lites

    11/20/10 in SONiVOX MI Broadway Lites

    Broadway Lites is a virtual instrument featuring 15GB of multi-sample content, with over 20,000 samples of saxophones, trumpets, trombone and clarinet.

  • Wallander Instruments Wivi Band

    Wallander Instruments Wivi Band

    11/11/10 in Wallander Instruments Wivi Band

    Following the success of Wivi Band for iPhone, with over 100,000 downloads in the iTunes App Store, Wallander Instruments now presents its latest software instrument: Wivi Band - The Virtual Instrument.

  • Sounds And Effects Ocarinas & Clay Flutes

    Sounds And Effects Ocarinas & Clay Flutes

    09/16/10 in Sounds And Effects Ocarinas and Clay Flutes

    Sounds And Effects presents Ocarinas and Clay Flutes which includes native clay flutes and ocarinas of the Americas, "played so that it’s easy to create sweet or sorrowful or strange and haunting melodic lines, breathy, wailing overblown screeches, weird nose blown flute tones, or odd microtonal trills and bird calls."

  • Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds

    Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds

    08/03/10 in Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds

    Hollywoodwinds is a sampling of the orchestral woodwind ensemble featuring organic recordings, and programming, and a collection of scales, runs, phrases, chords, textures, trills, FX and full ensemble patches.

  • Sample Logic Vuvuzela

    Sample Logic Vuvuzela

    07/02/10 in Sample Logic Vuvuzela

    In light of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Sample Logic has released a Vuvuzela sample library.

  • Universal Piper Updated

    Universal Piper Updated

    06/30/10 in Universal Piper Universal Piper

    Universal Piper has been updated to v1.2.0, featuring two new GHB chanters, one wood and one polypenco that can be mixed at will with all the drones.

  • HV Synth Design Total Trumpet

    HV Synth Design Total Trumpet

    06/15/10 in HV Synth Design Total Trumpet

    HV Synth Design has released Total Trumpet, a new VST instrument plug-in for Windows featuring natural sounding trumpet sounds, including overblowing.

  • Samplemodeling The Trombone

    Samplemodeling The Trombone

    05/31/10 in Sample Modeling The Trombone

    After The Trumpet and The Sax Brothers, Samplemodeling, namely Dr. Giorgio Tommasini and Peter Siedlaczek, has announced that The Trombone is now shipping.

  • Sax Appeal for Ableton Live Sax Appeal for Ableton Live

    05/17/10 in Detunized DTS014 - Sax Appeal

    Detunized recently launched DTS014 – Sax Appeal Bass, Tenor and Soprano Sax, a new Ableton Live Pack that features the multi-sampled and velocity layered sound of a Bass, a Tenor and a Soprano Saxophone.