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Warwick user reviews

  • Warwick Thumb NT 4

    Warwick Thumb NT 4 - skizodeadman's review


    Low factory in Germany in 1991 for me 26 frets, active MEC pickups format jazz bass Bridge Warwick 2 pieces Settings: volume, balance microphones, bass / treble Channel crossing (or it's the same driver): 7-ply WengBubinga Body: Bubinga K…

  • Warwick Corvette Standard Bubinga

    Warwick Corvette Standard Bubinga - pifpaftagaga's review


    Good went to the site of Warwick is more accurate than me ^ ^ If not that I draw from the bag (sold plus 2 staplocks, warwick wax for maintenance and adjustment tools) I could not hold a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA! Just demo, everything is perf…

  • Warwick FNA Jazzman 5

    Warwick FNA Jazzman 5 - CoOrbier's review


    24 cases Table Saddle reported net flame with walnut. Bolt Ovangkol. Touche Wenge. Micros Jazz / pav stud apparent liability. 3-way Basslines active electronics. CONTRL volume push / pull (EQ / preset). Balance. A 3-position switch. A serio…

  • Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 4

    Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 4 - faust blinder's review


    Low made in Germany, mine of 2006, body ovangkol 2 pieces, 3 pieces in handle ovangkol, 26 frets, 2 active pickups weng key type guy jb, 2-band active electronics guy (push / pull active / liabilities) a volume, pickup balance, mechanical oil bath, w…

  • Warwick Red Strings Roundwound Stainless Steel

    Warwick Red Strings Roundwound Stainless Steel - XenomorF's review


    Mount on a Warwick (corvette proline) and a ibanez (SDgr 400). I always thought they sounded good, but its pretty mtallique purring at the same time. Nothing to do with the flat of his trs D'Addario! They sound a bit less mtallique the GHS Boomers. …

  • Warwick Fortress Masterman 4

    Warwick Fortress Masterman 4 - stangvenn's review


    Low made in Germany like any good self-respecting Warwick. the body is maple, the handle ovankgol, key Wenge all screwed onto the body. Bridge into two typical Warwick, 24 frets brass, brass nut, a jazz double mico active. Gold hardware. Volu…

  • Warwick Corvette $$ 4

    Warwick Corvette $$ 4 - girulo's review


    It's a nice little German Warwick acquire a superb two-part adjustable easel in all senses (Aesthetics is the bridge trs treats with "W" etched into it and Moreover, all the bass exudes high-end finishes in the care of) but strangely there is no floy…

  • Warwick EMP Coated

    Warwick EMP Coated - Ogrim's review


    Awful .... I had Elixir Nanoweb up on my Ibanez BTB406 (6 strings), and it was happiness: a sound as I wanted (to each his "vision" of sound), and most importantly, a touch hyper Pleasant perfect glide. These have a Warwick's Mr ..., it does not s…

  • Warwick Corvette $$ 4

    Warwick Corvette $$ 4 - Albireo's review


    - Made in Germany - 24 frets, two MEC Humb - Bridge at Warwick typical two-part - Volume knob (push / pull-acitf liabilities), balance microphones, boost / cut AIGS, boost / cut serious slecteurs two pickups (single coil, double coil, winding S…

  • Warwick Sweet 15

    Warwick Sweet 15 - Emilek's review


    SPECIFICATIONS for, see other reviews. In my opinion, the carpet is cheap (SAVINGS on glue?) And easily pulled the corners. Ds that the warranty has expired I have tears and replaced by three good coats of paint. I like the Line Out for connectin…