Korg Krome 61
Korg Krome 61

Krome 61, Workstation from Korg in the Krome series.

Dr Dawsound 12/23/2012

Korg Krome 61 : Dr Dawsound's user review

«  Good and bad! »

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61-key touch correct. No aftertouch. 128-voice polyphony. Lightweight 7kg Superb touch screen. A global mode for general settings. A program mode, a mode combinations (program) mode sequencer. Drum track. usb midi. 1 midi in, midi out 1, 2 analog outputs, 3 inputs pedals. one power supply with transformer provided. 1-port and SD Card SDHC (up to 32GB). Manual français.Editeur vst.


Easy navigation thanks to the touch screen and buttons. Access to programs or combined by banks or by type of sounds (pianos, strings etc. ..).
Installing the driver and editor on my pc windows 7 64bit does not work either in standalone or vst in cubase 6.5 32bit under neither vst in cubase 7 64bit. The synth does not communicate with the PC while the driver is installed. So I uninstalled everything and I use the midi in and out that work without vst editor. Mode combination has easy editing except for the effects, then it becomes very tedious! because when copy mode programs combined effects are simply ignored (except for equalization is taken into account. Suddenly everything must be programmed effects and routing and sounds are worse than the originals! This for me is the black spot of Krome.


Sounds are generally very good and quite realistic except that I find through brass (but it is generally valid on any keyboard. There was never official demo brass) and acoustic guitars I find mediocre. The expressiveness of the keyboard is quite good and the effects are very good in program mode. Combinations of backgrounds are also quite good, but some effects are common to all the sounds of a combination. I do not use the sequencer mode or arpeggios or the drum track, so I can not say anything about that.


I use it since November 2012, I find it better than juno aujoud'hui internship is exceeded and as good as yamaha mox with more screen and mode combination against 16 programs and 4 for mox double the polyphony. this keyboard fit my use for my group rehearsals (except effects) and for use in complement mode program in my home studio. To this day I referrai choice for these reasons Laet because for that price there is no better in my opinion although I think buy kronos as a central tool in my home studio.