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M-Audio Axiom 25
M-Audio Axiom 25

25-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio belonging to the Axiom series

Thread Axiom 25

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1 Axiom 25
I just bought a used like new axium 25. I have no idea what to do with it. I am totally ignorant in this feild. I'm also trying to learn Propeller Head Reason 3 and Cubase se 3 but I've been able to find in depth manuals, books, dvd's, and tutorials for these programs. I found a book " The Idiots Guide To Cubase". I have downloaded the manual for the axium but it really isn't written to a beginner like me. It's completely over my head. I can turn on the axium and stare at it not having a clue what the words written on it mean. I have to start somewhere sometime but need more training resources to get started. Are there any tutorials, books (I looked but couldn't find any), dvd's. etc. out there?
xaatr :??:
First of all, it's Axiom with an O ;)

do you know how to play keyboards? what kind of terms do you need help with. do you know anything about midi? do you know anything about computers? are you going to use it with a computer? etc etc

a little more info about what you do know would help. :bravo2:
Thanks for responding.
I can hack out some chords and notes on my old casio Tone Bank CT-650 but it's not pretty. It isn't difficult to pick up though. I am not familiar with midi. I know some things about computers. e-mail obviously, internet obioulsy, this is my first experience with forums but they seem quite simple. Word possessing. Video games. Printers. Scanners. Save. My computer/Control panel. Disc defrag. Windows Media. Music downloads. Burning CD's/DVD's. Adobe Photoshop. I can create drum tracks on Reason. Find soundbanks and sample patches. I used to know more and made songs with Reason but I got real sick many years ago and lost a lot of memory including 30 years of guitar playing. I've pretty much started over from scratch after a long recovery. Now I am well and my brain wants to go a thousand miles an hour. I've surpassed where I left off with my guitar and am constantly coming up with original tunes. I am now recording my songs on a little cassette recorder. That's why I got Cubase and Reason so I can enhance my passion to play. I am also involved with a luthier club and am building a classical guitar. If I can do this than I think I can take on the Axiom. I added this stuff so you could get a little idea of my skill level and comprehension. What I'm looking for is for eg. turn on your keyboard. Here's how you connect it to your Reason software. Here's what you do to hit a key and bring up a drum sound from your Reason sound bank redrum. Here's how you connect the keyboard to Reason Synth and mixer. The previous owner used it only a few times and is competent and knowledgeable about it. I'm guessing that he has already done most of the set ups and settings. so I'm not necessarily starting from zero.
I don't know what a zone is. I've used pitch bend in Reason. The octive stuff seems simple enough. I don't know what a velocity curve is. I assume bank MSB has something to do with soundbanks. I don't know what to do with data. I'm guessing memory dump is like emptying the trash or deleting. Don't know what to do with the store feature but I think it's similar to saving a sound. Don't know what a curve is. Don't know how to activate the drum pads. Can't find the glob chan button. Mute is obvious and the instructions seem straight forward. Struggling with Null. Don't know about rotary encoders, acceleration curves. velocity lock, modulation and wheel, toggle values,and how to use the appendices. Have I left anything out? Have I scared you away yet? Now I'll try to give you some info on the current settings. When I power up the LED screen shows zone 3, group b, 01, cc71. When I press program button it says flashing zone 3 and prog. 03 and 00.With advance button pushed and lit when I press zone range--flashing zone 3, group B, range, c2, forward slash c4. when I press double arrow reverse and advance it reads zone 3, group B, 23, 127. If I press double arrow forward it changes from 23 to 24. It won't go any higher of lower than these scores regardless of which button I push. Push A button and it goes to 25 and B button goes to 26. I can change the zones and groups with these buttons. All of of this while in advance mode. Here's some more in advance mode. KEYS--- zone change c03, chan assign 26 c00. cntrl select b25. vel lock 26 off and advance light goes off. Push advance again with vel lock and it reads 26 LOC and advance light goes off. Bank LSB 03 00. Bank MSB 03 00. Mem dump flashing 545. data 3 flashing cc and max 26 127. Midi out 26 cc 24. Store, flashing group A,B,& D po3. zero key midi symbol flashing store and 000. Key 1 value goes to 001. Key 2 value to 012. Key 3 value to 123. Key 4 value to 234. Key 5 value to 345. K (Key) 6 V (value) to 456. k 7 v to 567. k 8 v to 678. k 9 v to 899. After pressing advance off screen reads zone 3 group ABC. 05 32. When I turn B5 knob I can change values. Same with the other knobs. When I press red dot button C and hold it reads zone 3 group ABC 27 127. I got rid of the midi symbol. The pitch bend changes values but I don't know why. So those are the current settings I assume. Does the Axiom have it's own sound bank? That's what I can give you for now. As you can probably see, trying to learn this stuff with the basic manual will take me forever. I can do "one step at a time" but don't know where to put my foot.
Again thanks for your interest.
Wow, that's an eyeful. ok let's start from the beginning. the first thing is to connect the axiom to your computer. either you'll do this via a midi cable or a usb cable. have you done this. do you have any questions about this?

then you open your music program. in this case let's try reason first (only reason don't open cubase yet). we need to see if you computer is receiving a midi signal. by the way, which version of reason are you using?

ok, so in the sequencer part/window of reason you should select a track (click on it) so that it's highlighted. in previous versions of reason there used to be a midi icon. play the axiom and look to see if you get any blinking or bars moving.

if you don't get a signal, go into edit/preferences and see if you can find and select the axiom.

if you are getting a signal, then you should be able to pilot any track/instrument by just selecting that track.

tell us what happens
Some results! I'm using Reason 3. I tried the window option on the toolbar but it only had three choices--stay on top--detach sequencer window----document 1. I went into edit menu and had to deal with a number of options until I came up with the right choices (I think). There was an M Audio option but not my model. I looked in help and wound up in control surfaces category. I chose keyboard with controls, knobs, etc. I went to the sequencer and pressed a key and the channe 3 light came on. When I turned one of the B 1 thru 8 knobs the channel 1 light was activated. I created a mixer and redrum and all of the mute buttons on top of the redrum device lit up when I pressed down keys. I wasn't able to create any sounds with the keyboard. Not sure why. Anyways looks like I getting some signals.

Quote: I tried the window option on the toolbar but it only had three choices--stay on top--detach sequencer window----document 1.

it doesn't matter if it's detached or not. you have to go to sequencer section where you see the horizontal tracks of the instruments that are open. not the window where you actually see the virtual instruments.

choose a song that already has instruments in it, like the demo song. don't use an empty/new project yet.

so in the sequencer section, there is a name for every track/ instrument. click on the one that you wanna play. one that already has sounds in it (for the moment). when you click on that track you should see a midi icon apear (looks like a midi cable connector). once that icon is on the track you want, start playing, you should see, right next to that icon, a visual indicating that midi is being received. if that's the case then everything's ok.

now you should also hear sound coming from the instrument. but you should try playing an instrument where the range of the instrument is large(like a piano or synth) because some insruments only have small ranges and only a small number of keys will activate a sound. if you're using a really small keyboard (like you are) you might have to find the right octave first.

so basically, first see if you are sending a midi signal, then choose or load a keyboard sample to see if you can play the instrument (remember, you need to activate the track you wanna play), then try the other instrument like doctor rex etc, but remember that only a small section is mapped to sounds.
Thanks for hanging in there with me. I really do appreciate your guidance.
I got some hopeful results.I pulled up a demo track. The track options were bass, voc (I think the word is carrier. My monitor is old and I can't read small print very well. Guess where my tax return is going), strings, voices, fat bass, ac guitar, harp, and arpeggio. In the voices window the little keyboard was lit/selected. I clicked on strings but no midi symbol appeared, however I was able to hear my keyboard. I clicked on all of the rest of the windows one at a time and still no midi symbol showed. No midi symbol showed in any of the other windows. My keyboard could be heard in each window however. The keyboard symbol didn't light up in the other windows . I didn't get different sounds on my keyboard as I selected different instruments. They were all the same. I wasn't able to figure out how to control the volume of my keyboard. I guess that comes later. Anyways what do you think?
Ok bear with me, i don't have reason 3.

in the reason 3 sequencer window (where the track names are) there are 4 or 5 columns. they are: In, Rec, Name, Out, and M S (M = mute) (S= Solo)

the ones that interest us for the moment are "In" (because this is where we choose which track/instrument to control/play) and M S because there is a bar under the M S that indicates midi activity (this is where you should see activity when you play your keyboard controller, even if there's no sound, this is the first step)

you choose the track/instrument by clicking on a track (the piano/keyboard icon should appear to the left of the track name - in the "IN" column

ok...can you get this far? can you make this piano/keyboard icon appear in any track? do you see midi activity in the bar on each track you choose?

once you can do that it's all just a question of making sure you're trying to play an instrument/track that has sounds(samples) already loaded on it (that's why i advised using a demo song first) ... if this is the case, then to find the zone (or keys) that have sounds on them (that's why i advised a piano or synth track, because all keys should trigger a sound).

are you there? you should be able to switch the sound your keyboard controller is generating by just clicking on different tracks...

let me know what happens
WOW! Havin' fun now.
Did what you said. It worked great. Sounds changed according to individual selections. I even got it to work with a tutorial song I wrote. What's our next adventure?

Quote: What's our next adventure?

you tell me :clin: