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Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Paiste 2002 China 18''

    Paiste 2002 China 18'' - sanjuro's review


    As much as I love the Paiste 2002 line, I am not a big fan of their China cymbals.  These have the other admirable 2002 qualities such as durability or uniqueness. However, as chinas they don't sound great.  The alloy sounds similar to that of the Wu…

  • Paiste 2002 Ride 20"

    Paiste 2002 Ride 20" - sanjuro's review


    The Paiste 2002 20" Ride is the Paiste cymbal that I have owned the longest.  It was my first ride, so I am pretty partial to it.  It is probably not the best from the line, but it gets the job done.  Unlike many other 2002's, this is definitely the …

  • Paiste 2002 Crash 20"

    Paiste 2002 Crash 20" - sanjuro's review


    Like the other cymbals in the 2002 line, this is good for rock music.  The 20" crash has truly amazing power.  The 2002's already pack a punch, so supplying 20 inches is almost out of control.  This is actually the only 2002 (reviewed) I have never i…

  • Paiste 2002 Crash 16"

    Paiste 2002 Crash 16" - sanjuro's review


    The Paiste 2002 16" crash is an excellent cymbal for rock music.  I think that the crashes in this line are the highlight and are a great deal for their quality.  A few steps down from the signatures, the 2002's still provide professional quality at …

  • Ludwig Drums Black Beauty

    Ludwig Drums Black Beauty - sanjuro's review


    Ludwig produces all kinds of great drums, but it seems that they are most famous for their metallic snares.  I have played dozens of metal snares, both vintage and modern variations.  Without a doubt, the Ludwig Black Beauty is the best snare I have …

  • Ludwig Drums Epic Series

    Ludwig Drums Epic Series - sanjuro's review


    I had only ever played vintage Ludwig kits and the Accent when I came across the Epic Series.  I was immensely impressed by the appearance at first glance.  I usually don't get this reaction, but the faded shells went very well with the hardware.  I …

  • Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series

    Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series - sanjuro's review


    The Ludwig Accent is a decent entry level kit.  Ludwig is one of the most notable drum companies with a strong track record of great kits and famous drummers who played them.  It is safe to say that they will never put out a bad product.  That being …

  • Sabian HH Manhattan Ride 20"

    Sabian HH Manhattan Ride 20" - sanjuro's review


    As a jazz ride, the Sabian Hand Hammered Manhattan Jazz does its job.  I first encountered this fine cymbal while talking to the drummer for the Navy Jazz Band.  He couldn't say enough about the Manhattan Jazz line, so I was sure to try them out when…

  • Sabian HH Vintage Ride 21''

    Sabian HH Vintage Ride 21'' - sanjuro's review


    This Hand Hammered Vintage Ride is another great cymbal from the Sabian lines.  In general, I often only use the HHX line because I find them slightly more versatile for my kind of music.  However, this Vintage Ride is certainly an exception.  We use…

  • Yamaha Stage Custom

    Yamaha Stage Custom - sanjuro's review


      The Yamaha Stage Custom is a great step up from the beginner lines.  It uses a great pack of birch shells that never fail to impress, and the hardware is rock solid, like in most Yamaha products.  This is a common drum set I see at gigs or in stud…