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Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Gretsch Catalina Birch

    Gretsch Catalina Birch - sanjuro's review


    The Gretsch Catalina Birch is one of the best deals out there.  It costs only a few hundred dollars more than the entry level range, but it sounds and looks miles ahead of entry level.  Because of the value, I usually recommend this kit to new drumme…

  • Gretsch Catalina Club 16"

    Gretsch Catalina Club 16" - sanjuro's review


    The Gretsch Catalina Club is an extremely fun kit to play.  It is so small, but can produce considerable volumes with proper technique and tuning if necessary.  I first played this at my friends house, and this was the first kit he ever owned.  We ha…

  • Paiste 505 Hit-Hat 14"

    Paiste 505 Hit-Hat 14" - sanjuro's review


    This was the first set of hi hats I ever bought, and I still occaisionally gig with them today.  The 505's are a really interesting line because people often mistake them for the 2002's.  The 505's are considered lower quality, but have an extremely …

  • Pearl export

    Pearl export - sanjuro's review


    The Pearl Export series is an extremely popular drumset.  It is so common that I think I have seen more of these than any other set when gigging.  This is surprising, because I find the export series to be extremely overrated and overpriced.  For a k…

  • Pearl Forum

    Pearl Forum - sanjuro's review


    The Pearl Forum is my least favorite entry level kit.  I have had many bad experiences with this model, and I regret to admit that at one time I had one of these in my house.  The sound is bad, the hardware is low quality, the shells don't look good,…

  • Sabian HHX Stage Ride 20"

    Sabian HHX Stage Ride 20" - sanjuro's review


    This is the most versatile ride I have ever used.  Obviously, personal preference plays a big part of any cymbal purchase.  However, time and time again, I am impressed by the sounds this cymbal produces and it receives many compliments from fellow d…

  • Sabian Paragon Chinese 19"

    Sabian Paragon Chinese 19" - sanjuro's review


    The 19'' Sabian Paragon China cymbal is without a doubt my favorite china cymbal ever.  It is reasonably affordable and comes from an impressive Niel Peart line of Paragons.  It looks different than many other chinas, with such a deep groove turning …

  • Sonor Force 3005

    Sonor Force 3005 - sanjuro's review


    The Sonor force 3005 is a really great intermediate/higher end kit.  It is comparable to other affordable maple kits, such as the Yamaha Tour Custom or the Taye Studio maple.  All of these kits are great, and the Sonor Force 3005's certainly make a g…

  • Tama Signature Stewart Copeland

    Tama Signature Stewart Copeland - sanjuro's review


    The old music store I worked at got some really good deals on signature snares, such as the Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland snares.  It was very exciting to experience the different items because you could imagine the drummer who inspired the design …

  • Taye Drums StudioBirch

    Taye Drums StudioBirch - sanjuro's review


    What thing do you like most/least about it? The tom drums have a very rich and adaptable sound.  You can tune them to respond however you want very easily.  Also, the bass drum has a very deep and punchy sound, more than most higher end birch drumkit…