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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - Kergo's review


    I bought them as low-budget monitor speakers when I started doing computer music. To this day I use them connected to a Presonus AudioBox 44 VSL soundcard. I still use them for computer music with Nuendo. SOUNDS It's true that these speakers have…

  • Genelec 8260A

    Genelec 8260A - "Gen 8260 for HIFI use" has images


    Coaxial mid /high driver(s),aluminium enclosure, DSP correction, very low distorsion levels, no need for a subwoofer. I Use them for my pleasure only, they replace a quite expensive HIFI system. SOUNDS As for the stereo imaging they are excellen…

  • Eve Audio SC207

    Eve Audio SC207 - "Good gear"


    I've been using the HS50 for several years but had the need to upgrade my home studio to something more high-end. They were on sale and there weren't any other interesting models in the store, except for the KH120. The EVE sound better than any ot…

  • JBL Control SB-2

    JBL Control SB-2 - "Inexpensive and great low end"


    The JBL Control SB 2 is a vented bypass subwoofer that works with the JBL control contractor series systems. The weight of this woofer is around 42 pounds and that is pretty standard with the size and weight of other subwoofers that I have used over …

  • M-Audio AV 30

    M-Audio AV 30 - "They have an aux input, but not for me"


    The M-Audio AV 30’s are very inexpensive. They have 3 inch woofers, and ¾ inch dome tweeters. This are not the type of monitors that are going to give you a big loud sound and you will not be able to get a studio quality mix out of them but they coul…

  • Tannoy Reveal 501A

    Tannoy Reveal 501A - "Nice bass for the price"


    The Tannoy Reveal 501 A is an active studio monitor that is one of the best options for most home musicians when looking for the first set of monitors they want to buy. I recommend these monitors to a lot of people because of the price, and quality o…

  • ADAM A8X

    ADAM A8X - "Perfect "


    The ADAM A8X has the power and quality of sound that any engineer could ever want to work with. I have used these about 10 or so times so far and each time I use them I get a great mix and a master. The highs are very clean and crisp; the lows are am…

  • Alesis Elevate 3

    Alesis Elevate 3 - "Not something I will use again"


    The Elevate 3 is a pair of studio monitors that only cost around 90 dollars per speaker. These are very inexpensive and the sound shows it. I didn’t purchase these speakers but they came with a bundle that I purchased a while ago. I only used them fo…

  • Mackie HR824mk2

    Mackie HR824mk2 - "The price is high, but they are worth it"


    The HR824mK2 is a high resolution studio monitor that can deliver a very good sound and help with the mix a lot. When I used this monitor I had nothing but positive things being said to me about the mix and how crisp everything sounded. The linear fr…

  • JBL LSR2328P

    JBL LSR2328P - "Clean design, bass has issues at high volumes"


    The JBL LSR 2328 P is a bi-amped powered studio monitor that is very affordable and has a clean design. They have a frequency response of 44 hz – 18 kHz with a low frequency extension of 37 Hz. There are controls on them for input level, low frequen…