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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • KRK RP8 G2

    KRK RP8 G2 - "They have a big sound and nice and tight bass"


    The KRK Rokit Powered 8 G2 are studio monitors that are powered and made to give a high performance sound all in an affordable speaker for the home musician. I have used these many of times and have never had a bad mix out of them. They have dual pow…

  • Dynaudio BM5A Compact

    Dynaudio BM5A Compact - Freddeparis's review


    Active speakers, small enough, light and with a good performance. SOUNDS I'm skeptical about their precision, like with all speakers at this price. They probably aren't any worse than all other ones, but you shouldn't expect to be able to make the …

  • Yamaha MSP5 STUDIO

    Yamaha MSP5 STUDIO - "Very flat"


    Yamaha’s MSP5’s where a pair of monitors that I was using for a while as reference monitors. They are active monitors with a 5 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter. These monitors are very flat, compared to a lot of other monitors that I have used in the …

  • KRK VXT6

    KRK VXT6 - "Better than the Rokits"


    The KRK VXT -6 are a pair of monitors that I purchase in 2011. They are a pair of 6 inch active studio monitors with a 1 inch high frequency tweeter. I have always been a fan of the KRK’s (all of the ones that they make). So I knew that I would love …

  • KRK Rokit Powered 6

    KRK Rokit Powered 6 - "Dependable studio monitors on a budget"


    The KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors are powered speakers that deliver equivalent sound quality to any other pair of monitors in the 'budget' price range. The speaker can take an XLR or TRS cable for input. The only real controls are a volume dial and a…

  • Dynaudio BM15A

    Dynaudio BM15A - "Been using them since 2007"


    The Dynaudio Acoustics BM15A monitors have mixed some of my best songs. I have been using these monitors since around 2007 and they are some of my favorite ones that I have ever worked with. I did not appreciate them when they first came out and I g…

  • M-Audio AV 40

    M-Audio AV 40 - "Not much bass, but very good for the price"


    The Studiophile AV 40 is some of the best studio monitors that M-Audio has come out with. They are very low priced and sound great. You can even purchase these in the “Red Edition” if you do not want the black ones. SOUNDS The sound is very clean …

  • M-Audio BX8 D2

    M-Audio BX8 D2 - "Humming"


    The M-Audio BX8 D2 studio monitors are affordable and have a clean sound. The bass is not as good as most other monitors in this same price range but everything else is pretty clean. With the bass being so “loose” and it was very hard for us to work …

  • Mackie MR8mk2

    Mackie MR8mk2 - "MR8mk2 vs the KRK Rokit 8"


    The Mackie MR8mk2 is a 2 way reference monitor that has very professional transducers and great power amplifiers. You can crank this monitor up and not have to worry about it distorting the sound at all. They have clean highs and solid mids with war…

  • ADAM A7X

    ADAM A7X - "Clean sounding monitors"


    The ADAM Audio A7X is a powered monitor that is not only affordable but it has a great sound. You can do just about anything with these monitors from mixing and mastering to listening and creating with them. Each separate driver on these monitors ha…