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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Dynaudio BM14S

    Dynaudio BM14S - "great"


    The BM 14s is a 14’ inch high quality sub woofer that packs a punch. If you have a good set of monitors then you will need to add this to them to get that really good low end thump. If you don’t have a good set of studio monitors don’t waste your mon…

  • KRK V4

    KRK V4 - "small"


    These Active monitors are pretty small and actually came with a piece of gear that I purchased a while back. I think with my audio interface and mic. It was some sort of a package that I had purchased on musicians friend. They are perfect for smaller…

  • Prodipe Pro 5

    Prodipe Pro 5 - "ok set of monitors"


    The Pro 5’s by Prodipe have been around for a few years now and I have had hands on experience with them on several occasions. The stereo quality is very good and the frequency range is as well. They are a very solid set of monitors. They don’t seem …

  • KRK RP5 G2

    KRK RP5 G2 - "didnt like them"


    The KRK Rokit 5 G2’s are a monitor that get a lot of good reviews. I can understand why they get a lot of good reviews too. I think its mainly because of the listening sound of these. Most people mistake listening sound with mixing and mastering soun…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "best for the price range"


    These are Active Studio monitors that can be used for home or in a major studio setting. But I recommend using them at home. I have them going through my maudio interface running with my pc. For some reason any time I use these I get a clean mix. Eve…

  • ADAM SUB-8

    ADAM SUB-8 - "Good solid bass"


    If you are in need of a solid sub that is affordable and will provide that clean low end frequencies no matter what type of music you make or listen to, the ADAM Sub 8 could be just what you are looking for. The response on this is very good, all of …

  • Tapco S8

    Tapco S8 - "dont play too loud"


    The Tapco S8 are a set of monitors that are great for home use. Especially if you room where you will have them in is pretty small. I have used these off and on for about 5 years now in a room that is 10 by 10 and they continue to work great and caus…

  • Tannoy Reveal Active

    Tannoy Reveal Active - "boom!"


    Tannoy Reveal Active’s really made my music louder if you know what I mean. Normally I mix with the volume way down but it was hard with a pair of these. I wanted to mix with them blasting just because for some reason when playing the music loud with…

  • Fostex PM841

    Fostex PM841 - "the hi's may hurt your ears"


    These monitors arent too expensive , and they sound pretty good which surprised me because usually when it comes to monitors if you don’t invest a solid amount of money then the quality of sound you will get wont be very good. The Fostex PM841’s are…

  • M-Audio BX5

    M-Audio BX5 - "Small, powerful monitors"


    I've owned my pair of M-Audio BX5 Studio Monitors for several years, and I actually initially received them as a gift for helping record a local band. These monitors feature a 5-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, a sub-frequency port in the back, and it …