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Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • JBL LSR305

    JBL LSR305 - "Small, but Mighty" has images


    At a Glance With the massive expansion of home studios in the past decade, there has also come a massive expansion of products for home studios. One essential ingredient to a delicious home studio soup is a good set of studio quality monitors. Why…

  • KRK K-RoK

    KRK K-RoK - "small and havy companion " has images


    I bought these a long time ago. I had some choices to make that time. Will it be krk, something smaller or more expensive. I did go for krk for several reasons. Other products where square, front sides made out of plastic. Imo you can hear the di…

  • Quad Hifi 303

    Quad Hifi 303 - "stereo monitoring power amp"


    Excellent stereo power amp from Quad , which pioneered power amp design for hifi . This unit has no controls. no volume, no eqs, no input selector, ... just what you need - stereo in , and speaker bare-wire terminal pair out, plus a proprietory power…

  • dB Technologies MPA204

    dB Technologies MPA204 - "300w per channel power amp"


    300w per channel 1u rackmount 2ch poweramp. Silent operation, very little background noise even when at full level. A good monitor amp, no fuss, better than the behringer equivalent, but not as good as the top brands. Reliable, and does not overheat…

  • Fostex PM0.5d

    Fostex PM0.5d - "Amazing little beasts ..."


    One of my Genelecs 8020a broke down and I needed something not expensive as a temporary solution. I also have the yamaha msp5, which I basically use to clean up the vocals. (They are fatiguing and unpleasant: A tool to control the mids!). I have use…

  • KRK 10s

    KRK 10s - "A subwoofer worthy of the name"


    It will soon be two years since I got it to complement my KRK RP6 IIs, which lack some lows, for my taste. With a frequency response spanning from 34 - 130 Hz and 113 dB SPL, it allows me to have a better overall precision while, at the same time, re…

  • Alesis RA-150

    Alesis RA-150 - "Good, but with a very short life span"


    The right channel gave up on me after only one year. Luckily for me, the reseller replaced it for me even though I had no warranty anymore... It had expired some days earlier! But one year later the problems came back: Crackles and signal dropouts, …

  • Focal Alpha 65

    Focal Alpha 65 - "Completely satisfying near-field monitors"


    Features 9/10 This pair of monitoring speakers found their place seamlessly in my home studio's very simple setup: My Imac equipped with an Apogee Duet soundcard and Logic X and Garageband. I use them as near fields in a small room to listen to d…

  • PreSonus Eris E8

    PreSonus Eris E8 - "Very good monitors"


    Which technical specifications motivated your choice? I had until recently the Eris E5 and I was very happy with them! What do you use this product for? Mainly for home studio. SOUNDS Is the frequency response neutral enough? Compared to the …

  • KRK Rokit Powered 5

    KRK Rokit Powered 5 - "Rokit Man"


    Having had the KRK Rokit RP5 monitors since December 2008, the main choice at the time for me picking them was price and a recommendation by the salesman at Dolphin Music based in the UK. My main purpose for using the Rokits was/is producing and musi…