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Thread emu 1212 s/pdif not working

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Topic emu 1212 s/pdif not working
Im trying to record some stuff, so i have a roland vs-840 with a mic atached and im using a radioshack PCM digital audio cable from the rolands digital coax out to the s/pdif in on the card. problem is patchmix is not getting a reading so no sound coming in. this used to work with a red and white mono cable then just suddenly stopped working so i figured it was the cable and replaced it, but still... Please any help would be appreciated
Try to check if the emu and the roland are working at the same sample rate.
should be, used to work and havnt changed anything... but anyways where do i check that?
Near the upper right of Patchmix, there is a button with a circle. Clicking on that brings up the session settings window. Set the Emu to External Source and choose spdif. The Emu will then sync to the incoming spdif signal.
still didnt work
Do a restore defaults. You might have to reload the session you're using.
nope, still nothing
What samplerate is the VS set to? The Emu only works at 44.1 and 48 khz. The VS can be set to 32 khz - the Emu will not acknowledge that samplerate.
im not sure, i tried figuring out how to change that, but couldnt find it... any idea?
You will find how to change the 840's samplerate from page 7 of this .pdf.