Audio & music gear reviews

  • Space Liberation

    Space Liberation - A review of the Sonible Frei:raum EQ plug-in


    Life as a writer for Audiofanzine has its pros and cons...Granted, if you're into audio, spending most of your days testing and reviewing the latest gear from the audio world can be really gratifying to the geek in you. However, after the umpteenth review of the umpteenth virtual version of a legendary hardware unit, it can get really tiresome.

  • Why Not Add Eight?

    Why Not Add Eight? - A review of the Audient ASP800 8-channel mic pre and ADC


    Not long ago we reviewed iD14, a two-channel audio interface from the British console maker Audient, which features the same type of mic preamps that are in its mixers. Audient recently started shipping the ASP800, an eight-channel mic preamp and analog-to-digital converter that connects to the optical input of the iD14 or any other interface with…

  • All Compressors to All People

    All Compressors to All People - A review of the FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor plug-in


    Do you know what ice cream and compressors have in common? Both are better when you have a choice of flavors. FabFilter’s new Pro C-2 is a veritable ice cream store of compression, offering eight different types, and just about every kind of parameter control you’ve ever seen in a compressor, and some you probably haven’t.

  • Hive: Be Careful, It Stings!

    Hive: Be Careful, It Stings! - A review of the U-He Hive virtual synth


    Hive, the latest instrument from u-he, does not claim the precision of Diva the richness of Zebra 2, or the modularity of Bazille or Ace. No. Hive looks and feels simple, is easy to use, and provides a fat sound. Mission accomplished?

  • Half a Million Sounds

    Half a Million Sounds - A review of the Splice Sounds sample subscription service


    Do you use a lot of samples in your music production? Do you pay for individual samples or sample packs on a regular basis? If so, you might want to check out Splice Sounds, a recently launched service from Splice, the online collaboration and cloud-backup site for recording musicians and producers.

  • Keep the IDeas Rolling

    Keep the IDeas Rolling - Review of the Audient iD14 USB audio interface


    A little over two years ago we reviewed the iD22, the first ever audio interface manufactured by Audient, an English brand well-known for its consoles and mic preamps. Considering the crossover to the digital world went fairly smoothly, these Brits have now decided to take another step in the same direction with a smaller and less pricey second in…

  • Worth the Wait

    Worth the Wait - A review of Studio One 3 Professional


    Studio One users have been awaiting a major upgrade for quite some time. Studio One 3 is the first such update since October of 2011, when Studio One 2 hit the market. PreSonus has added new instruments, new effects, new graphics, new ways to arrange songs, and quite a bit more, so lets see what version 3.01 has to offer.

  • A Gripping PolyTune

    A Gripping PolyTune - TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Review


    You all know the PolyTune, right? The pedal that revolutionized the tuning world five years ago by providing a polyphonic mode that allows you to see the pitch of all strings at once? Well, after introducing a second and a Mini version, TC Electronic presents now a model that clips on to your instrument's headstock. That definitely sounds cool, bu…

  • Recording Studio for Lease

    Recording Studio for Lease - Sonar 2015 Platinum Review


    It's been more than a year and a half since Sonar X3 came out and, keeping up with the usual update schedule, the newest version was launched last January.

  • Amps and Effects on the Grid

    Amps and Effects on the Grid - A review of Positive Grid Bias FX Professional modeling plug-in


    The competition in the amp-and-effects modeling market is fierce, and there is no shortage of excellent products. Positive Grid, which established itself on the iOS side with JamUp and JamUp Pro, and then moved into the Mac/PC world with Bias Desktop, now has released Bias FX, an amp and effects modeling application that has versions for both your…