Audio & music gear reviews

  • Limiting Unlimited

    Limiting Unlimited - A review of Joey Sturgis Tones Finality Advanced limiter plug-in


    A track with too wide a dynamic range can cause problems when mixing. Rather than using automation to smooth out the levels, which is very time consuming, a compressor or limiter can do it for you automatically. The Finality Advanced limiter plug-in from Joey Sturgis Tones gives you a versatile tool set for taming dynamics, and it adds some pleasi…

  • A Chicken in Every Pedalboard

    A Chicken in Every Pedalboard - A review of the Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight pedal


    Wah pedals are useful for more than just the standard “wah wah” effect. Sweeping the pedal’s filter to find a cool tone and then leaving it static as you play is also very effective. Known as the “cocked wah” effect, that’s the basis of Electro-Harmonix’s Cock Fight pedal, along with built in fuzz and a talking wah.

  • May the Volume Be With You

    May the Volume Be With You - Klangfreund LUFS Meter Review


    Let me introduce you to LUFS Meter, a downright clever plug-in that can make life easier to anyone taking the "Loudness War" seriously. And I hope there are many of you out there, considering the pains Audiofanzine goes to trying to make you aware of the issue...

  • Lucky Sevens

    Lucky Sevens - A review of iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced and Ozone 7


    The Ozone mastering suite from iZotope has gotten better with each major update. The latest, Ozone 7, adds vintage modules to its processing arsenal, which allow you to add warm, analog-like sounds. All but one of the new modules are exclusive to Ozone 7 Advanced, which is more costly than the standard version of Ozone 7. Both versions have seen …

  • What's On Your Plate?

    What's On Your Plate? - A review of the Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate reverb plug-in


    Most software reverbs offer a choice of halls, plates, rooms and other types of virtual spaces, but Valhalla DSP takes a different approach. The company has separated its reverb offerings into individual plug-ins for different reverb flavors, and sells each for only $50. As a result, you can get a high-quality reverb, albeit of a single type, for …

  • EP Sounds in a Stompbox

    EP Sounds in a Stompbox - A review of the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine


    Electro-Harmonix has followed its B9 and C9 Organ Machine pedals with the logical next step: the Key9 Electric-Piano Machine. This new stompbox uses the same technology as those organ pedals, and offers nine different emulations of electric keyboards and more.

  • A/B-ing Just Got Easier

    A/B-ing Just Got Easier - A review of SampleMagic Magic AB Version 2


    When the original Magic A/B came out a couple of years ago, I was pretty blown away by it, because it made the important process of A/B-ing a mix a lot easier. Now SampleMagic has rewritten the application from the ground up, and what was already an excellent plug-in has gotten significantly better.

  • The Guitar Synth Redefined

    The Guitar Synth Redefined - A review of the Boss SY-300 guitar synthesizer


    In the past, trying to find a guitar synth that tracked accurately was akin to searching for the Holy Grail. No product, whether it was a guitar synth or MIDI guitar controller was able to accurately reproduce guitar playing down to its nuances. Heck, most couldn’t even handle a string bend very well. But Boss has changed all that with the SY-300,…

  • True Blue

    True Blue - A review of the PreSonus R80 studio monitors


    PreSonus recently added to its growing line of studio monitors with its new R-Series, active near-field monitors that feature AMT tweeters, and come in two sizes, the R80 (8” woofer) and the R65 (6.5” woofer). We got our hands on a pair of R80s for this review.

  • Bundle of Joy

    Bundle of Joy - A review of the Soundtoys 5 native effects bundle


    From EchoBoy to FilterFreak to Crystallizer, Decapitator and more, Soundtoys plug-ins are super-creative tools that offer users the potential to take their music to new sonic places The new Soundtoys 5 native bundle (Mac/PC) offers that and then some, with the addition of all the plug-ins the company developed subsequent to the release of the prev…