Behringer Ultrabass BX1200
Behringer Ultrabass BX1200

Ultrabass BX1200, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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Audiofanzine FR 01/03/2011

Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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Originally written by Bloodrain33 on Audiofanzine FR.

Solid-state amp.
Rated at 120 watts... 90 real watts...
Many connectors (speaker out, tuner out, etc.)
4-band EQ, 2 channels, Shape filter and Ultrabass effect
Passive and active inputs


Just plug into it and that's it! The sound is good... Of course, it's not a MarkBass but the price isn't the same either...
The manual is comprehensive but useless: it's a bass amp!


I play an old active Cort Action, a passive Custom PB.
I also use an Ibanez PD-7 overdrive pedal, and also an EHX Nano Clone chorus effect.
The Shape filter is cool, the Ultrabass function is useless: perhaps they wanted to introduce something new but they failed!


I bought it secondhand in May, 2008. The amp was made in 2006...
It's a good product. The output power (120 watts, supposedly) and the Ultrabass function are disappointing. I use it as my monitor on stage and it's enough to play at home...
I'm not sure if I would buy it again. It's certainly not expensive but I would like more output power and a better quality...