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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15

    Fender Rumble 100 Combo 1x15 - "Fender Rumble 100"


    I got this at my local music store for $325. I thought the price was pretty cool. It is 100 watts and it has oversized plastic corners and thick capret covering the outside of it. There is also a nice and strong metal grill. It sounds pretty good…

  • Yorkville XS 400

    Yorkville XS 400 - "Yorkville XS 400 / 115 Combo"


    I bought this amp after renting it to play at a house party. I didn't want to pack around a head and cab any longer so I decided that this was my best option. Brand new it was $899.00 This amp is a 400 watt hybrid amp with 750 watts of burst power.…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX1200

    Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 - "Behringer Ultrabass BX1200"


    I acquired this unit from for about 290$ (including shipping and a warranty) This is probably one of the best bass amps i have ever played with. The sound quality was terrific and the footswitch was helpful. The amp comes with …

  • Gallien Krueger Backline 112

    Gallien Krueger Backline 112 - "Gallien-Krueger Backline 112"


    I purchased this unit from Guitar Center in Atlanta, GA. I paid just under $300. I purchased it after a recomendation from the sales rep Richard Gibson (so far everything he reccomends is all he says it is). It it the best sounding bass combo I ha…

  • Crate BX100

    Crate BX100 - "Crate BX100"


    Ok, I bought this amp new about 4 years ago for about $300. When I was learning how to play in the garage of my buddy. I bought it from a local music store here in Albany. I have to say that the 8 band eq on it is a nice feature but it is worth not…

  • Kustom KBA100

    Kustom KBA100 - "Kustom KBA 100"


    Bought the amp of eBay, from Oasis Music shop for £199, which was a good deal for a brand new amp. For a lower end of the market amp, the unit has excellent sound quality. The output is 100 watt from a 12 inch Celeston speaker - The amp carries 6 on…

  • Ampeg B-15R

    Ampeg B-15R - "Ampeg B-15R"


    I have always wanted aN Ampeg "Flip top" bass amp since I first saw one in the 1960's. When I saw Ampeg's Reissue of the B-15, I bought one. It was just over $1400 and I eventuall added a B-15E extension cabinet for another $550, but nothing looks li…

  • Ampeg BA-115HP

    Ampeg BA-115HP - "Ampeg BA115 HP"


    I bought this little powerhouse at a local music store. I got it for $899.00 Canadian. I needed a decent amp that could be heard over drums and that could be used for small gigs, with out spending tons of money on a stack. It is really simple, fairl…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX1200

    Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 - "Behringer BX1200"


    I bought this from musicians friend. I paid $249 US dollars. This combo amp has a very surprising tone for just having a 12 inch speaker. It does not give the same low-end of a 15" combo or cabinet, but it comes pretty close. The Aluminum cone is v…

  • Fender Frontman 15B

    Fender Frontman 15B - "Fender Frontman 15B"


    I got this amp 6 months ago to begin my career as a bass guitarist. I got it at Long and McQuade in a pack with a squier Affinity P bass. I'm not exactly a big fan of the bass guitar, but the amp is good. I paid $400 canadian for the whole pack, But …