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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Yorkville XM200

    Yorkville XM200 - "Yorkville XM 200 Bass Master"


    Bought this fine piece of equipment at a local music store, put me (or should I say, my parents?) down about $500 US. Bought it because I'd been playing gigs with my old band on a 30w Hartke, and she just couldn't keep up. In fact, that amp(which is …

  • Carvin PB200-15

    Carvin PB200-15 - "Carvin PB200-15 Series 2"


    Bought from the Cartvin online store for $400. Bought it mainly on Carvin's reputation. Solid appearance, lots of features, enough power for the places we work. After a year and a half of packing it around it developed a problem with the input PCB …

  • Crate BX100

    Crate BX100 - "Crate BX 100"


    Purchased at Guitar Center of Hallandale, Fl for $289.00 I highly recommend "The Guitar center". These people are really good. The amps power rating of 100 watts rms seems to be accurate. It is indeed loud enough to play at moderate volume and…

  • Hartke B90

    Hartke B90 - "Hartke B90"


    i got this amp from my friends brother for $150 this amp was made in the late ninties 97/98 its been handed down to three people before i aquired it. some one as im told got drunk and kicked a hole in the speaker i opened it up and found a a quarte…

  • Crate BT220

    Crate BT220 - "Crate BT220"


    I bought this at Guitar Center because I needed a bigger amp for gigging. I paid $499 for this beast. The Crate BT-220 has a nice 15" speaker with 220 watts. This is one of the loudest amps I have ever heard and it is well worth the money. I like th…

  • Fender Bassman 25

    Fender Bassman 25 - "Fender Bassman 25"


    I went in search of a bass amp that could be heard over the drums. I went to a music shop in P.A. Saskatchewan. One of the guys there showed me the Fender Bassman 25, because it was his personal favorite amp. I thought it was good so I bought it for …

  • Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo - "Ashdown MAG 300 - 2x10 Combo"


    Soundslive - £370 This Amp is unbelivable. There is not one bad thing about it. The sound on hese things is beautiful, really bassy, but can also deliver shed loads of punchy tre.ble if required. I Play this in a Punk band and can easily keep up wit…

  • Ashdown MAG C115-250 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C115-250 Combo - "Ashdown Mag 250"


    I bought this amplifier from Southampton in the UK. I went through ande tried as many head and speaker options, and this sounded the best for the price i paid. I paid £3oo for it and have no regrets. It has such a great sound, even when you are not …

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX1200

    Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 - "Behringer BX 1200 Ultrabass"


    $50 plus traded a Roland Bass Cube. I wanted something that could handle my abuse at home and at rehersals and small gigs. Sound was much better than the Hartke and the Peavey that was next to it. Plus it was cheaper. I like the ability to shape the…

  • Fender Rumble 25 Combo

    Fender Rumble 25 Combo - "Fender Rumble 25"


    I had a gig coming up soon and my old amp just got blown out. So i asked a man at the George's music store and he recomended this. The Rumble 25 for $189 was supposedly the best for my musician level The parametric EQ is very very handy when you wan…