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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Fender Bassman 250 Combo 2x10

    Fender Bassman 250 Combo 2x10 - "Fender Bassman 250/210"


    I've been playing bass for the past 15 years. I'm currently finishing what will be our 4th song for our demo that hopefully will come out soon. My tastes are generally metal and hard rock but I also like to listen to blues and jazz (quite the opposit…

  • Gallien Krueger Backline 112

    Gallien Krueger Backline 112 - "Gallien-Krueger Backline 112"


    I'm 38, and started playing bass and guitar at 15 years old. I've owned quite a bit of gear over the years and have played in 3 different bands. I'm currently looking for a band needing a bass player. Into Buck Cherry, Metallica, AC/DC, etc. Look…

  • Ampeg PBC-2112

    Ampeg PBC-2112 - "Ampeg PBC2112 Portabass 112 Combo"


    Been playing over 30 years. Some pro/paid time years ago. Back into lately since my son is now active and pulls me along. Play classic rock, southern blues, R&B. I bought this on eaby, I can't stop even though 80% of the deals I get end up being jun…

  • Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)

    Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued) - "Ibanez SW 35"


    Have been playing bass about 15 years in weekend gig classic rock bands. Started out with a black face Fender bassman & retired it because it almost got ripped off a few times while I was on break. Got a Yamaha solid state 100 watt that sounded bette…

  • Roland CB-30

    Roland CB-30 - "Roland CB-30"


    I play mostly for fun. I'm am in a band called Montainne with a couple of mates. I mostly play classic rock, with a little blues and punk thrown in. I bought this amp from a local store, Leading Edge Music Horsham (thats in Autralia NOT England. I…

  • Trace Elliot GP7-SM

    Trace Elliot GP7-SM - Plastered P's review


    150W solid-state amp. It is powerful, there's no question about it. One instrument jack input with active/passive switch. Two big, detented knobs: gain and master. I give it a 10 because it is really reliable for its price point. UTILIZATION Easy-t…

  • Drive B120

    Drive B120 - "Drive B120"


    I have been playing for 35+ years. Mostly Classic rock and blues(Robin Trower, Pink Floyd etc) Bought from AMS as a closeout. Paid about $210(shipping included) Nothing! Piece of shit! Looks good and appears to be well built. Don't judge a book …

  • Ampeg BA-210SP

    Ampeg BA-210SP - "Ampeg BA210 SP - Digital"


    Okay, so I am really a guitar player who has frequenty found himself in a room with no bass players and too many guitarists. What to do? Pick up a bass. I have played bass in 3 different bands - over the past 12 years and still condsider myself a gu…

  • Fender BXR 200

    Fender BXR 200 - "Fender BXR 200"


    i bought this amp used for 250 from guitar center i love this amp i have ben in a grunge band a emo/alternative and a classic rock band and this amp has the exact sound no matter what type of music i play i love the built in chorus all i can say is…

  • Yorkville Bass Master 200

    Yorkville Bass Master 200 - "Yorkville Bass Master 200"


    Private sale, CAD 200, May 2005. This model if from 2001. Everything! Nice compact combo with lots of power from its 15-inch driver and horn. With a 2x10 extension cab this things screams. It is rated at 150W @ 4 Ohms. Has effect loop and headphone …