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Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Peavey TNT 115

    Peavey TNT 115 - "Peavey TNT 115"


    I was looking for a larger amplifier for my bass when I realized me and my guitarist friend couldnt play loud together since I had only a peavey minx 110 amp. I bought the amp from Guitarworks on 16th avenue in Calgary Alberta for $740 (Cdn dollars)…

  • SWR LA 15

    SWR LA 15 - "SWR LA 15"


    I was searching for an amp that could handle my Dean 5 string bass. I had tried the Fender bassman 100 a good amp but it was too expensive. I tried a professional SWR half stack (very expensive)and was greatly impressed with the SWR sound.I went in t…

  • Crate BX-15

    Crate BX-15 - "Crate BX-15"


    I bought this at a Guitar Center, I was going to get the Squire bass pak, but they were out so I got a Squire Bass(UH) and this baby. i PAID AROUND $100. I like that this bass amp is cheap, and its from Crate, also it has some controls. The cabi…

  • Trace Elliot Boxer 65

    Trace Elliot Boxer 65 - "Trace Elliot Boxer 65 12"Combo"


    Daddy's Junky Music about $240 used but not looking used at all. I was just wanting something I could more easily carry down the block and or up and down flights of stairs, but I really liked the sound of my old Ampeg B100R 15" combo. The Tr…

  • Ampeg BA-112

    Ampeg BA-112 - "Ampeg BA-112"


    I bought my Ampeg at C.A. House. The reason I bought this amp is because I wanted more power than my Peavy Microbass 20w. I paid $430. I little much for a 50w, but it was sure worth it. The Ampeg has a lot more power than what you would think. Espic…

  • Crate BFX100

    Crate BFX100 - "Crate BFX100"


    I acquired this amp a year and a half ago at a local Guitar Center. I paid about $366. I like the fact that it amplifies my bass. The effects are all right sometimes. Even though it's heavy it is mobile. The graphic equilizer is a good tool. It all…

  • Fender Frontman 25B

    Fender Frontman 25B - "Fender Frontman 25B"


    I bought this amp in Oman, where I work, subsequently I paid probably less than I would have in Europe and at the equivalent of $150, less than in the U.S. Strangely enough, I was left on my own in the shop trying out guitars and not looking for an …

  • Carvin PB200-15

    Carvin PB200-15 - "Carvin PB200-15 Bass Combo Amplifier"


    This was about $400 (450 after tax and shipping) ordered directly from the Carvin online site. Excellent amp, speaker, tweeter. There is even a compressor/gate and a 5 band eq. This has almost as much, or the same amount of construction and featur…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX1200

    Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 - "Behringer BX1200 Bass Amp"


    I was searching online for a bass amp that could meet my needs for power, sound, and money. I saw this amp at Musician's Friend and decided that I had to have it. It had so many features and it was quite a step up from the 6 watt amp that I was using…

  • Fender Bassman 100

    Fender Bassman 100 - "Fender Bassman 100"


    A Mars Music closing sale - around $430.00 - an excellent price! I like everything about the amp! As my first real amp with wattage (the previous amp being a Squier BP-15), it certainly throws out enough power. It doesn't distort headroom and it han…