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  • Ampeg BA-115

    Ampeg BA-115 - "Ampeg BA-115"


    I bought this amp used from a friend. But it was only about 3 months old. i payed $350 with isn't bad considering it's $450 new. I had a Peavey TKO-115 before this and is was crap. It didn't push anything and all it was good for was firewood. I d…

  • Peavey MicroBass

    Peavey MicroBass - "Peavey Microbass"


    I bought this unit in some music shop and i got it for aruond $180. It is a 20 watt amp. It was my first, and to the day only, amp, and it was all that I looked for in a practice amp. Nice clear sound, especially when I played it indoors. It gave…

  • Ampeg BA-115

    Ampeg BA-115 - "Ampeg BA-115"


    I bought this amp used (almost brand new) from a friend for 250$ (how about a deal?). This amp is awesome! It sounds absolutely amazing, and is louder than my friends 4x12 cabinet! The presets are terrific, and they actually change the sound, which…

  • Peavey TNT 100

    Peavey TNT 100 - "Peavey TNT 100"


    Paid about $120 from a local used guitar shop I like its durability, it was made in 85, still has a good sound and original everything. Its too bulky and heavy. Quality construction, tough speaker cab. Good for begginners or the bassist with a lo…

  • Crate BX-25

    Crate BX-25 - "Crate BX25"


    Guitar center $279.99 I bought it around christmas 2 years ago, I had just started playing bass. I really like how well built it is, it does a lot of traveling with me. It is very loud, and has great sound. It will even play great with a guitar…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX600

    Behringer Ultrabass BX600 - "Behringer BX600 Ultrabass"


    musicians friend. what good is a bass without an amp? $140 plus shipping can mold the sound very well. good sound. no feedback. LOUD. lots of jacks i dont not like anything about this unit very well built, and to the highest standards. handle …

  • Genz-Benz ML 200-115T

    Genz-Benz ML 200-115T - "Genz Benz ML-200-115T"


    I wanted a bass amp with punch and yet I did not want to be hauling heads and boxes. So a quality Combo was aim. I looked at TE, SWR and a few others ant they are expensive. I saw the Genz Benz on line but could not fine one to try. I was going to bu…

  • Ampeg BA-115

    Ampeg BA-115 - "Ampeg BA-115"


    I bought it at the guitar center in Clackamas OR for $450 because i wanted a good amp for a good price and this is the one!!! the amp has a wide variety of tones to choose from, the 5 posistion selector switch can get you a jazzy, a blusey, a slappy…

  • Trace Elliot boxer 30

    Trace Elliot boxer 30 - "Trace Elliot Boxer 30"


    i got this litle practice amp when looking for a portable amp that was good enough to record with. It was about £130 pounds from sound control in sheffield (england). i like its size its easy to take it anywhere really,(not all that heavy). It has …

  • Peavey Basic 112

    Peavey Basic 112 - "Peavey Basic 112"


    Used for $200 This amp is very durable and has a nice metal grill, but looks aren't important. It has 4 graphic EQ which gives you good control over your tone. You can turn up the gain and the volume up all the way and it still performs nicely with …