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  • Neumann TLM 103

    Neumann TLM 103 - "Okay but look around"


    I borrowed a pair of these to record an acoustic piano at my studio. They looked great, nice and light and easy to place. There seemed to be something missing at the top end. Sure you can eq to hell and back but I like my source sound to be awesome.…

  • Shure KSM44

    Shure KSM44 - "Shure tough KSM44 LDC - for home recording vocal and acoustic"


    I wanted a microphone for vocals and some acoustic, mainly vocals. This is for a small HR setup seeking professional sounds while tracking. Male vocal mic that didnt need a lot of EQ and Dynamic work for my voice. I wanted a mic that could tra…

  • Neumann U 87 Ai

    Neumann U 87 Ai - "Excellent Microphone! "


    What an excellent bit of kit! a friend of mine recently gave me the honour of borrowing it for a weekend studio session and had some excellent results recording vocals and guitar. Its a heft price tag but once you've bought it you won't regret it. …

  • Apex Electronics 435

    Apex Electronics 435 - "Great sound for the price!" contains audio examples


    Ive used this mic on many things including vocals. It works perfectly for anything in my opinion. It all depends on the sound you are going for in the end and if it sound good, why does it matter whether is comes from a 70$ mic vs a 1000$ mic. I have…

  • Microtech Gefell MV 690

    Microtech Gefell MV 690 - "In the line of the Neumann and MV691"


    This MV690 preamp is the first version of the MV691 and MV692. It can be used with M70 or M94 capsules, but also other models such as the omnidirectional M93. Mine is equipped with a cardioid M70 with nickel diaphragm. This is a real condenser mi…

  • AKG C 414 B-ULS

    AKG C 414 B-ULS - "Theres' a reason this mic is considered a classic!"


    Bought a mini condition B-ULS for my male vocals and acoustic guitars. Fantastic sounding mic. No EQ needed for my voice. Simply perfect. Small mic with a big sound. I've had so many large diaphragm condenser mics, some cheap, some expensive, that I'…

  • CAD Equitek E100S

    CAD Equitek E100S - "The Workhorse"


    Overview Working on a home studio budget comes with its own set of challenges and limitations. When resources are limited, versatility and functionality are essential in equipment choices. When you need a microphone that can do it all, the CAD Equ…

  • Sony C35P

    Sony C35P - "side address condenser pencil mics"


    Small diagphragm side address condenser studio mic. Aprox 300g each, these little mics are tipped with a side address capsule at the business end and the standard XLR at the other end. The handling noise is invasive, so stand-mount only. However thes…

  • AKG C414 EB

    AKG C414 EB - "Vintage AKG at its best"


    I have a consecutive pair of these amazing mics. Multipattern and Pad db and Highpass switch too. Front side silver grill, rear of mic has black grill for easy orientation at a glance. Super precise and accurate, with a large diaphragm to capture …

  • AKG C 451 E

    AKG C 451 E - "multi capsule studio pencil condenser mic"


    I have 3 of these AKG 451E each with different capsules with a different polar pattern. The capsule choice makes a big difference to the 'voicing'. Capsules I have are cardioid, omni and hypercardioid. They all represent typical traits for their po…