Delays & reverb pedals user reviews

  • Fender Vintage Reissue '63 Tube Reverb

    Fender Vintage Reissue '63 Tube Reverb - "Authentic"


    This is one of the more interesting pieces of gear that I have ever come across. This basically the biggest reverb pedal you have ever seen. Forget the tape echo lunch box from the 60's this is as big as a guitar amp head. This box is essentially a r…

  • Eventide TimeFactor

    Eventide TimeFactor - "Top notch delays"


    This is probably Eventide's second most famous pedal they have released. It contains all of their super famous delay algorithms and a looper. It's fully MIDI, updatable by USB 2.0, true bypass, can work in guitar or line level applications and can …

  • Eventide Space

    Eventide Space - "Lush reverbs"


    This is a pedal made for those who are looking for Eventide's more unique reverb effects. There's room, hall, spring, plate, reverse and shimmer, just to name a few. It's fully MIDI, updatable by USB 2.0, true bypass, can work in guitar or line lev…

  • Boss RE-20 Space Echo

    Boss RE-20 Space Echo - "Good digital tape delay"


    If you like having effects on your should you probably want to have a tape delay unit. Real tape delay units are becoming very expensive. They require constant maintenence and replacement tape is getting hard to find. With technology now you are able…

  • MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

    MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay - "A benchmark delay pedal"


    MXR is one of the most popular guitar effects makers on the market. That being said they are not really known for their delay pedals. In fact they did not make one for nearly two decades until this one came out. The MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal is mod…

  • Hughes & Kettner Replex

    Hughes & Kettner Replex - "Overpriced tape delay simulator"


    Hughes and Kettner is a German amp and guitar gear maker that was started in the mid 80s. They make high end amps and accessories for professionals and their gear and priced as such. The Replex is a tube driven digital analog tape delay simulator. Th…

  • Line 6 Verbzilla

    Line 6 Verbzilla - nickname009's review


    Model Switch This switch is used to select from 11 distinctly different types: * '63 Spring - Based on* a Fender 1963 brown spring reverb head unit. Best known for great surf guitar tone! * Spring - Based on a studio spring reverb. …

  • Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr.

    Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr. - "Top notch player's delay"


    - Controls for Delay speed, modulation, feedback, and mix/delay volume - nonlatching switch for quarter notes, dotted eighth notes, and triplets - True bypass - A full 1200 ms of delay time - Tap tempo - Internal DIP switches for bypas…

  • Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2

    Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2 - "The king of analog delay"


    - 550 ms delay time - Tap tempo! - Bucket brigade analog circuitry, MN3005 chips - Dotted 8th note setting for rhythmic delays - Internal "spaceship mode" switch - Stereo out - Expression pedal in - True Bypass - Led tempo mon…

  • Electro-Harmonix Freeze

    Electro-Harmonix Freeze - "Cool unique effect"


    This is a stompbox from electro harmonix which can be used to infinitely sustain a note or chord of your guitar playing. Even better than just being able to sustain a note or chord is that you can play over the top of it to create some interesting so…