Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4

MRS-4, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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SlapKid 10/17/2010

Zoom MRS-4 : SlapKid's user review

«  Convenient format but spcial »

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I use the gear for 8 years, irrgulirement like guitar interface (via simple pedals)-headphone.
The onboard effects are very useful to me (clean guitar amp simulation, 2-band EQ, reverb and delay) for my use.
The headphone output here must, I can use my akg k240df (2x600 ohms!) Without problem.

No moving pieces therefore totally silent, great.

I enter in stereo (via Rocktron Tsunami), and if necessary I can record but I'm using it in principle as for the mixer. Not


is not simple, full-function button for I never know what I'm doing exactly. Fortunately the machine memorize options on the card so I just use my two parameters set and basta. Phew.

Track by track, basically, and it's not too stops as nickel to work. The mtronome is very useful, I have not used the MIDI to control a drumbox etc..

For volume-pan-eq-efx snd it's simple to save picco bello buy something else.
I had the micro br, which I find absolutely pouvantable, I keep MRS4!


Once again going to work was great, and as a headphone amp I can find nada rouspter.
The few recordings made with me by Fidler tonn of restitution, whether electric guitar, bass, or electroacoustic.

I find it very very unfortunate that the vehicle is not equipped with one or two microphones intgrs, not only did almost nothing cost more but would have to CUPL the cot practice.

Finally ... Always a useful


PERIOD or another, and so I guess inrevendable care!

To use what is registered you must either make a stereo mix to an external recorder, malpratique or convert to wav on the computer (via card reader smartmedia). Then convert to mp3 most cases, not so bad opration.

on the other hand if it was the guitar track of the century can then import it to Cubase and company, you see if it is plausible eh ...

Reliability issue, Algeria and not difficult for food, not as jerky as little machine. Especially for its era, a time computer must match the stone age ...

Repeat this choice I do not know too much, as headphone guitar amp so I think. Recorders numriques I had in me not ready more convinced that I must say this lens. Perhaps the computer that will be the solution (netbook quiet, who knows ?)...