Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4

MRS-4, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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goka 10/14/2010

Zoom MRS-4 : goka's user review

«  Better than a dictaphone »

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see above
in any case quite a possibility level connectivity, input and output
eg: ability to record two tracks simultaneously use


still quite grown, it must spend a minimum of time on manual but the basic functions are quickly assimilated and are somehow more interesting: recording tracks / trails and zor


I said, registration and shoo! that's all, the dynamics are good, sound is good but not with such a machine that will work the sound effects are useless ...


Almost 10 years waaooo ca dates me!, Bought new for almost 300euros today, I would do this choice because I largely pays for itself
AC at the time was intended as a concentrate of technology (to paraphrase the pub) but did not count as it evolves extremely quickly and that the needs of consumers who understand that sometimes nothing is better than most
say that to make a demo even base it will be a feat to make something sound with any computer and log base ..
cons by the machine can be very interesting trip recorder as not to lose his teeming musical ideas!
thin I just realized that I said almost the same thing qu'éric65, j'post okay anyway!