Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4

MRS-4, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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Lsan 07/28/2003

Zoom MRS-4 : Lsan's user review


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- 2 mic / line asymtriques jack, 2 inputs auxiliaures jack, 1 headphone, stereo master output RCA, 1 MIDI OUT.
- Sampling at 32 kHz compressed hifi, lofi is also an option (not tested, must be at 11kHz).
- Smart storage media (32MB included as standard)
- Master in sync only
- 2-track recording, 4 in reading, 8 virtual tracks per track.
- Possibility to connect an external box type auxiliary inputs on rhythm, in sync noon, which quickly from having recourse to a table mix.
- Tuner, built-in metronome
- Backup utility for pc and mac + convert tracks to wav.
- Power supply not included


Device very simple and intuitive, the doc is correct but is not ...


Sound correct trs despite a slight breath, especially with a live microphone jack. advice pramplifier source and connect online to minimize background noise.
The dynamics is correct for this level. To quibble, we say that the extreme frquences are not highlighted, I found the decision-aliasing on low, for example ... but hey this is not done to DEFINITIONS of, let's be clear ...
The effects are correct without more, is used to color a little taken (an insert type limiter / compressor, an effect send, two semi paramtriques track, a master of dynamic effect).


I use this 4-track two weeks ago, it took me 2 hours, while working without me to the head, the bte to master and use all the options: play / record and go , bouncing, mixing summary, edit, markers, punch in / out ... The goal was for me to have something to work during the holidays, or when I dplace: lightweight and compact device is simple, its ok for a trs trs low price (cheaper than its competitors boss / korg), possibility to connect and synchronize a Pocket squenceur without having recourse to a table mix. For the use I make of the sudden, I think acqurir a small preamp to optimize quality of the catch.
on the other hand let's be clear, it is not with this type of device that you leave a cd (although, lofi ...).
Another point, the smart media supplied as standard is quickly full, it is more than one board of acqurir card 128MB or more for comfort (for IDE, 32MB can store 16 minutes of recording in short, a title on four tracks ... 4 minutes)