Digital recorders news

  • Tascam DR-07mkII

    Tascam DR-07mkII

    03/17/11 in Tascam DR-07 MKII

    Tascam has released the DR-07mkII, a new handheld recorder with adjustable microphones.

  • Tascam DR-05

    Tascam DR-05

    02/22/11 in Tascam DR-05

    Tascam has announced its new DR-05 portable recorder with stereo capability and 24-bit/96kHz resolution

  • Tascam DP-03

    Tascam DP-03

    01/27/11 in Tascam DP-03

    Tascam introduced its new DP-03 8-track Digital Portastudio.

  • [NAMM] Zoom R8 Multitrack Recorder

    [NAMM] Zoom R8 Multitrack Recorder

    01/15/11 in Zoom R8

    The R8 combines four production tools in a small device.

  • Denon Professional DN-F450R

    Denon Professional DN-F450R

    10/24/10 in Denon Professional DN-F450R

    The DN-F450R is designed to offer a simplified, cost competitive solid state recording and playback capability.

  • Denon DN-F650R

    Denon DN-F650R

    10/24/10 in Denon Professional DN-F650R

    D&M Professional Europe has announced the availability of a new solid state recorder from Denon Professional, the full rack size DN-F650R SD card / USB recorder

  • Tascam GB-10 & LR-10

    Tascam GB-10 & LR-10

    09/17/10 in Tascam GB-10 Guitar/Bass Trainer/Recorder

    Tascam is presenting the GB-10 Guitar/Bass Trainer/Recorder and LR-10 Instrumental Trainer/Recorder.

  • Tascam DR-03

    Tascam DR-03

    09/17/10 in Tascam DR-03

    The DR-03 recorder packs 24-bit recording with built-in stereo mics into a package smaller than an energy bar.

  • iKEY HDR7 Recorder

    iKEY HDR7 Recorder

    08/13/10 in iKEY-audio HDR7

    The HDR7 is iKEY's new pocket recorder.

  • Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    08/02/10 in Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    The new BR-800 Digital Recorder ( is described as a battery-powered studio to go, with a sleek new design made possible by touch-sensor switches and SD-card recording media.