Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1

Machinedrum SPS-1, Drum Machine from Elektron in the Machinedrum series.

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jamesdo 10/21/2004

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 : jamesdo's user review


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Anyone know if the critics Liser below, or visit the site of elektron.


The most ergonomic machine that I used to date. A real gem. Read the manual once to get an overview of the possibilities. Then the manual serves as a reference for the characteristics of the machines (the generator). Then very quickly it was her information in mind and hop, it gets insane. this groove very quickly and it shakes hard.
The manual is very well done. He remains the standard English, but the French translation be good enough.
A little bit of a shame to have a master reverb. Hard to have a reverb that works well on kick and snare as well as on bleep or other strange noise.
The edition is of sound is very simple and easy to understand. There is just the compressor that requires a little practice to get something to correct.


I make electro, IDM, teak, this machine is made for that. Starting from the basic, you can quickly sounds very personal. The kick is a real massacre. Solid, well now.
RELAL The term does not apply to this machine. You can spend its very classic (TRX series or IP), but by seeking out the settings, we move quickly into another dimension.
The FX are good quality except distoristion which is not very convincing (it goes for a kick). I use a Sherman Filterbank for a distortion that has more potential. Given the number of output, it is very easy to use external FX.
I am a machine iconditionnelle GND (impulse, noise, sinus) in electro, coupled with the famous parameter lock function is excellent.
The Parameter Lock can be sequenced parameter changes in a pattern. With the slide, you can vary a parameter between two points. For example a closed low-pass filter on the last time a pattern. it gives the possibility to make very advanced rhythmic.
A small defect in the sequencer, we do not have a pattern of not more than 32 (or so you have to loop two pattern which pushes the limit to 64 steps).
Live, you can change everything, the OS is stable is the worst machine supports change without flinching.


I use it now for two months. She also used to sequence a sidstation (a perfect couple) and Reason on my laptop.
I love: ergonomics, sound, downsampling
I like least: a single master reverb, distortion a little cheap
I just try the Korg and the RS7000. If one compares only the synthesis of percussion, the MD is excellent. Sampler with a + next to a synth or two ... and go for great live.