Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass
Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

Classic '50s Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Classic Precision Bass series.

NzZzU Le Bassiste  Fou 01/09/2007

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass : NzZzU Le Bassiste Fou's user review


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- It is made entirely in Mexico over Emonts of hand because it is a HAND-MADE
- It has 21 frets and the pickups type precision


- The stick is more enjoyable, treated in a very special way by the men of fender that have applied a kind of varnish (I do not know precisely what it is)
- Access to acute, however, is not really difficult being in the habit of playing a MusicMan SUB we must recognize that the handle of the MusicMan access to acute turns out to be easier.
- Ergonomics is quite good if not much lighter than excelelnte MusicMan sorry for the comparison but the bass are really smusicMan exceptional, in short 'I play this the way the bassist of rage against the machine, Now Audioslave, C'a to set very high on the torso, it's nice that way Player Characters
- About the sound it turns out to be plsu is efficient and easy to find.
I also think that there is no low that the sound is easier to find two buttons and you turn there is lol


- I wanted to change the type of sound, the Fender Precision bass was I was looking for
However, the discovery of the model 50's reissue is a great surprise.
- I now play on an amp Gallien - Krueger (sound flea, for example) then it proves complètemetn to try.
- Just plug it to understand it's his accuracy that is simply beautiful. Effective punchy sound that we recognize even playing in a group.


- I use it for some months and what I like more - beyond the sound itself - and even the fact that it is finished by hand I think it is the "mouth", the varnish on the handle The handle rounder on another fender, faster and more enjoyable, all formed by the handle and the body is a palace of the eyes and overall ergonomics is extremely satisfactory.
- I had the choice to change to a low of U.S. highway and luckily but I preferred to keep this model, a model that is limited in the world. . .
- The value is "good" while it is true that the price of the store from thomann example is somewhat supported, but if you can buy either used or on the internet to run less than 1000 euros , bursting,
bass handmade (hand assembled and finished by hand), a limited model and a fun, cozy, comfortable playing quite exceptional.