Ibanez EDB600
Ibanez EDB600
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kickaha 01/25/2005

Ibanez EDB600 : kickaha's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea, 24 frets, 2 passive pickups DHX, one towards the bridge and the other to handle
body luthite quite heavy, nice matt black paint
maple neck rosewood fingerboard, quick and pleasant, but not adjustable
5 settings: volume, balance microphones, equalizers three active
jack well positioned and pretty


The handle is nice, the access to ease acute
the bass is heavy, it is felt when playing standing a while, better to have a comfortable strap!
if the microphones are convenient to put your thumb between the microphone near the handle and handle the bass is cut to facilitate the slap.
the sound is easily adjustable, but the equalizer acute affects very few, and it's hard to get a good sound slap in the upper strings (the lack of power)
or we can play a lot of styles but the sound is cold and lack of character, convenient for those who love or looking for a rather neutral


I am not a super fan of sounds but it's still very very correct.
I use a multi effects BP50 models especially for some amps to embellish the sound or fit a style.
I do not like the sound slap not really end, otherwise it's fine.


It's been almost two years since I played with in many different styles.
it is quite handy and it was easy to adapt to the handle nice, the handling is great.
I tried several models but say it better suited to my budget, was a very good value for money, but I do not know much about that time.
I will not purchase this bass if I had the same budget, I would rather a wooden body and a bass with a more timeless style, but I still advise fans of rock and metal and beginners if they are in occase a good price.