Ibanez GSR200
Ibanez GSR200

GSR200, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the GIO Soundgear series.

manu1976 03/11/2005

Ibanez GSR200 : manu1976's user review


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A very enjoyable round is a low to school. ideal for beginning a relatively modest price
is lgre and balance


Having played in rock bands and jazz, it's okay for a low rock being passive, but it remains still very soft, the jazz that I practiced in my group, is another matter. I soon found limited


I used it for 4 years is a very weak low sail may be that disappointed me the most.
the rest is exelente, it does Disagree little or no when you made a repeated 3 hours ...
I played with another bass before, with a pickaxe handle and the first time I was in the fingers, ouha ouha, a handle end, easy to play, but like any tool it evolved over and .... we want something else .. n'enpeche for the price it is an ibanez, and not a pale copy of a nifty trick that made him think of something but at a price far less affordable. Now I play a Cort A4 but if I had the choice again with a big yes, I return to my favorite seller.