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Magellan 02/21/2003

DigiTech RP100 : Magellan's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
All the effects imaginable are available: delays and reverbs, modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, ...), vivrato harmonizers (shiffter pitch, detune, whammy) and distortion (saturation, overdrive ...), wha -wha, the more modules as necessary compression, noise gate and note qualisation.A other ancillary effects such as Rotary speaker, auto wha ... not to mention the HP simulators, simulators of micro (humbucking / single), the acoustic simulator!
Modlisation's all about, all the effects are good for the price of this BCAN ages, like the trs trs amp simulators convincing.
Conection Rear: between jack, Stereo output jack (cord bridle ncssaire out in Stereo), taking power, headphone jack and conection of pedals 'expression.Le mtal case is sturdy and conditions rsistera LIVE.

Front, we have 2 pedals (selection of banks, tuner, bypass), an array of paramtres and control of a digital screen displaying simplistic numro value of bank or knobs allow paramtre.3 of varying values.

Note also a simple rhythm box but trs useful for playing mtronome.


This is a multi purpose extreme simplicity! We have 40 users and 40 programes factory. The programing of a bank is facilitated by LED lights next to being paramtres edition.
The pany that BCAN is to provide beginners only 3 paramtres select for each effect. For example, for the delay, the first potentiomtre numriques immediately imposes delays, or analog, combined with various intensities. In short, a helping hand, you select a time delay of a type and intensity.
This allows rglages fast, simple and effective ..... and the door of nophyte.
Side of the mdaille: the concentration of many of rglages potentiomtres 3, a combined display simplistic ncessite often use the information (too simple but sufficient).


All effects are good but it is the amp simulations remain the most under the Exceptional cost of the machine. Of distos dchirantes really much better than the RP5 I owned before. The wha-wha (3 modes) is also good trs.
Be careful, you can not compare the RP 100 a professional multi-effects rack, and of course the delays are not exceptional, the reverbs and chorus a little rough, the non Equalizeur Settings, microphone simulators means, and compression rgler difficult.
The simulator HP is effective, even the noise gate. Whammy pitch and others are fast.

I play a LAG Rockline "snake skin" in position pickup and conect my RP 100 is a body double Marshall Valvestate (by shunting the pramp) or via a high-end HP simulator (the price of the RP 100 ) on a multi-numrique KORG.


Multi-purpose trs persuasive, versatile and practical, the size of a double pedals !!!!!!!!!!

BCAN a sturdy and lightweight, ultra-compact and autonomous (also works on battery), a price dfiant any concurence! The best value / quality-price of all multi-effects of all time.

Attention, it would be a shame to deprive an expression pedals (optional) volumes for the functions and wha-wha! Personally, I dja an expression pedals or purchase the RP 100 RP rather than the 200, but is much more convenient to have a fawn any pedals spar the main case, for the place or you want it (right foot, left foot ...).

OK, this is not a Triaxis or the TC-electronics, but a serious tear, and can play many wonders. This is an excellent product for beginners, advanced users to see nomads. The default for this BCAN noys are the standard potential available for a price as drisoire.

Pdagogique see the logical sense of the RP 100 is poustouflant. Welcome to Digitech, but beware, the sound of this very modern firm does not please everyone.