Zoidberg 11/24/2010

DigiTech RP250 : Zoidberg's user review

«  Good sound at low cost »

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Value For Money : Excellent
All types of amp simulation effects + + expression pedal assignable to any parameters (volume, on / off effect, wha wha, whammy ...) edited via Xedit pretty damn good memories 60 users.
For an input, a USB connection, headphone output, stereo outputs, not noon
function beatbox. Simple configuration with


Xedit the manual is almost useless and fortunately, since it had to be translated with an automatic translator.


Over time I use a few more sounds with the 57 tweed deluxe reverb and compression for the clean
mastervolume and 77 (a marshall,) almost completely and without any pedal to the crunch, the plexi is not bad too.
There is no sound really bad we have to choose his cab for me digitech-metal or greenback.
There are effects autoyah funny style and vintage tremolo, after it must feel like to use it.


I use it for over 2 years with pleasure, and for possessing I think sounds much better than the VOX ToneLab LE and his magic lamp to be sensible.
The criticism that I would do is the proximity of the pedals which there is a chance to press a button by mistake and not look very pro for the concerts.
Note that I use it plugged directly into sound and sound is very good (note the small button amp / pa)
In closing price for super mini camera especially for the home
DNA2 chip is the one team to high end RP1000.
So today is what is best on the market, I will be very tempted by the POD HD if there is a qualitative leap
Meanwhile I stay with my RP250, I even bought a 2nd in "spare"