rains_en 02/05/2009

DigiTech RP300 : rains_en's user review


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The rp300 offers every effect imaginable and provides the opportunity to tweak all of them as well. There are 40 effects and 80 slots for effects, so the second 40 are the same as the first 40. The effects processor is a stand-alone unit as each effect can be edited on the processor itself. It has only 1/4 inch inputs and outputs, but this pedal is not for pros, it's really just for fun. It is not rack mountable, it's a small pedal board.


The whole digitech interface is pretty easy to operate, though I have no idea about the la-a-lick function, I suppose reading the manual would suffice in finding out. Editing the effects is pretty simple. It doesn't overwhelm you with options, but it certainly doesn't limit you either. I remember I had to read the manual in the beginning to figure out how to edit and such, it was pretty straight-forward.


The effects are pretty decent. I never realized how different distortion could sound until I got this thing. My absolute favorite effect is "octave" because it models basslines while you play. I really like the "thirds" effect and the "sths" and of course the "wah." It's a really fun pedal.


I've had this pedal for about 4 years now. I love it, but I know it's really only for kicks and giggles. It is constructed poorly. The pedals themselves should have been metal and the circuit boards within should have been more secure. I have trouble with the channel selector at times. I use it to just jam because there are so many options, I think it was worth it to buy because it is so many effects in one. I dont regret not buying the crybaby instead. It's a good pedal for intermediate guitarists who are just looking for fun sounds.