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nikoxx 10/25/2003

Korg Ax1g : nikoxx's user review


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A large number of effects available (see website for all of the Korg). Sounds programmed on the factory 3 banks are far from present all the time, so as to make its own adjustments. The expression pedal is a plus, even if it is molded plastic (fragile. ..)
The connection is super basic: in-out (with high and low output) power supply input 3.5mm jack: Beware of false contacts ...
The unit is very lightweight and portable (backpack ,...). But because of its light weight (especially used without batteries) must be wary of his next player on stage.


The effects are placed "in the chain" in a conventional manner in the three banks (identified by a 3-color LED practice in the dark). Selection effects in the chain has a drawback is that it must adapt to the serial structure of the piece (for example, we can not get the sound "3" directly from the "6": it must come down and go through the effects "5" and "4" ... but it's a problem on a large number of cranks.

At the sound editing menus are clear adze, is made to run the types of settings page (drive, tone, amb, pedal, nr, etc ...) so it is relatively intuitive.
Personally, I quickly put away the manual handling is so simple.


The quality of the effects is not extraordinary, but the ability to act fairly thinly over all the settings can achieve something good if we take into account the possibilities of this little device.
The expression pedal can act on aTitle presets, we can choose to switch or not an effect. Be careful when using the pedal, some effects are no longer available.
A small problem still buzz at the output (receiver) using presets on the disto ... NR can reduce this problem but it neutralizes the spontaneity of the game (sustain, harmonics, etc. ...)


I use it in rehearsal and on stage for 3 good years now and I truly believe in doing the trick. It was my first multi effects and has accompanied me in all sorts of adventures;)
Its compact side and level opportunities for entry-level model is really what I prefer. Meanwhile, it has the defects of its advantages: it is light enough, so too must not shoot with his jack! The optical plastic pedal is quite fragile (it has split from Elsewhere on its width). It is therefore not very suitable for the stage.
Before buying it 3 years ago, I tried the zoom 505 and 707, but it had seemed to offer so many possibilities, and a lower price (purchased 800 F OCCAZ at the time).
I think if I had to jump back, I do the same or I would buy the Boss ME 30 is a somewhat similar and has the advantage of having several switch.