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Korg Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Korg PX4D

    Korg PX4D - Rodito's review


    Everything has already been said, so it is full and complex, I'm not a great connoisseur of digital technology, but the preloaded sounds and rhythms are very friendly and the range of effects is very important. UTILIZATION The manual is not very …

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - " not a bad start."


    Multi effects pedal guitar for large format, all digital, an expression pedal (not exceptional but can become familiar with the wah-type effects and volume), edited on the machine but not on the same computer. the shell is sturdy metal, and everythin…

  • Korg Pandora Mini

    Korg Pandora Mini - " C'mon .."


    characteristics of the previous opinions ... UTILIZATION good few submenus to find editions, the wheel is practical manual on the net without doubt, I do not know, not read ... 1 battery which must be 5 or 7 hours of use with the volume just co…

  • Korg Ax1000g

    Korg Ax1000g - " A bit old fashioned but it's Korg: simple, comprehensive and robust."


    A beautiful digital multi-effect pedal very robust metal. Many effects: Classic Chorus, Stereo Chorus, Modern Delay, Hold Delay, Stereo Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb (Room, Hall, Plate, etc..), Flanger, Wah with expression pedal volume pedal, etc…

  • Korg Ax1000g

    Korg Ax1000g - " Well, for the price range"


    Multi-effects pedals: - Amp Simulator - Cabinet speaker - Various effects divided into two sections: modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, delay mod, octave, autowha) and pedal (which as the name implies manages the airship effects pedal like wh…

  • Korg Ax1000g

    Korg Ax1000g - " Quite correct"


    Analog multi effect pedal. We find all the classic effects, various simulations of amps and speakers. UTILIZATION Simple enough for someone who is used to this kind of product configuration. The manual is necessary for the novice. With t…

  • Korg AX30G

    Korg AX30G - " superb vintage"


    This pédaliier ago while a series of effect available; compressor 3beq, wah, distortion, hyper resonator, AmpSimulator, exciting, chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, tremolo, delay, modulation, bender, panner, pitch shifter, stereo delay, reverb fu…

  • Korg Ax3000g

    Korg Ax3000g - " Excellent pedal!"


    This stereo pedal firmly manufactured with aluminum frame contains all the elements necessary to the guitarist. Tuner, distortion, delay, reverb, modulation chorus, flange, talk box ... a pre-fx including flange, auto wah, Guitar synth, octaver, comp…

  • Korg Ax3000g

    Korg Ax3000g - " well"


    there are just as effective (fuzz, distortion, wah ...) it lacks a tremolo unfortunately I have not found a rack and sounds are not editable in pc / mac connectors: jack in jack 6.3 : Jack to 3.5 in : Send / return in : Is left / right ja…

  • Korg Ax300g

    Korg Ax300g - " Amazing"


    Machine of the last century, hybrid technology (hybrid gain structure). compressor distos pong delay with ducking (!), reverb, octave for what I use, noisegate too. Convenient connectivity, output L and R jack output minijack phones separate, i…