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PRS Electric Guitars user reviews

  • PRS SE Custom 24 - Black Cherry

    PRS SE Custom 24 - Black Cherry - "PRS SE Custom 24"


    It wasn't too long ago when PRS boomed in sales. To keep up with their demand they made their first line of off shore guitars in Korea and refer to them as the SE line. The SE is usually well marked on the headstock of the instrument. I saw this a…

  • PRS CE24 Grey Black

    PRS CE24 Grey Black - "grey and black wins!"


    Recently PRS CE24 has been making cheaper guitars and trying to change their image from a guitar maker who only makes guitars for rich dentists to a guitar maker who makes guitars for everyone. Along with making more reasonably priced guitars they h…

  • PRS SE Santana - Orange

    PRS SE Santana - Orange - "Grea quality and sound"


    The PRS SE Santana is another axe that’s made in Korea, Korea has been known to create great guitars and they are well built. The overall, quality of this guitar will amaze you. It is very clean, not a big fan of the standard burnt orange color thoug…

  • PRS CE24

    PRS CE24 - "grand slam "


    The PRS CE24 is an Amazing guitar! Before buying this guitar I had looked at a bunch of others. I was really focusing on the Billie Joe Les Paul but once I played the PRS CE24 it blew my mind away. This guitar has so many sounds in it. I can get tha…

  • PRS SE Santana - Tobacco Sunburst

    PRS SE Santana - Tobacco Sunburst - "A Less Expensive Step Down Version of the Real Deal PRS."


    The Paul Reed Smith Santana SE is a dual humbucker double cutaway electric with a solid mahogany flat top body, with a body style similar to that of a Fender strat without the tummy cut. The neck is set-in mahogany with a rosewood fretboard and dia…

  • PRS Modern Eagle II

    PRS Modern Eagle II - "a work of art"


    PRS is mostly known for their super high end guitars. This is one of these super high end guitars. These guitars are more to be collected than played. Even though most people will not play them the playability and sound is not neglected. The sound an…

  • PRS SE Soapbar - Vintage Cherry

    PRS SE Soapbar - Vintage Cherry - "PRS SE Singlecut with crunchy P90s"


    The SE line from PRS is one of the best line of import guitars. PRS is well known for their super high end Custom level guitars. Now they are getting more into the reasonably priced guitar market with the SE line of guitar. These guitars are quite si…

  • PRS Mark Tremonti 10 Top - Black

    PRS Mark Tremonti 10 Top - Black - "Tremonti PRS"


    Mark Tremonti is the former Creed and current Alter Bridge guitarist. He has been rocking the PRS guitars for quite a while now and he has had a signature model for a while. I finally get to play some of the real PRS guitars now that my shop is a PRS…

  • PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone

    PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone - "Great Guitar"


    This is a PRS SE series guitar, which I believe are made in Korea. It features a maple 27.7" baritone neck with 22 frets and a bound Ebony fretboard. The fret board has no inlays (save side dots). The body is the typical PRS double cut shape. Its mad…

  • PRS Custom 24 - Black Cherry

    PRS Custom 24 - Black Cherry - "The current Custom 24"


    PRS is an American guitar company known for making the most up to date guitars on the market. They started in the late 70s when Paul Reed Smith would go around to big name artists begging them to play his guitar. Now they have a reputation of being s…