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Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson ES-137 Classic Chrome Hardware

    Gibson ES-137 Classic Chrome Hardware - "Gibson ES-137 Classic Custom" has images


    Here is technical specification for Howard Roberts Fussion III and ES-137 CC http://www.bluesfinger.com/GIBSON%20ELEMENTS%20CHART2.pdf I use Fender Pro Junior tube Amp, Blues and Jazz, excellent workmanship, finish, neck etc. are superb. Cle…

  • Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele [1997-2015]

    Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele [1997-2015] - "Great Guitar" has images


    Very universal instrument. Great workmanship,Sounds excellent,Very different setup from a regular Telecaster but, usable tones and, plays nicely. Even thought this Telecaster is made in Mexico is it a Great value. I own a 1976 American Telecaster a…

  • Ibanez GRG170DX

    Ibanez GRG170DX - "The plain Jane of guitars IMHO..."


    I broke up with my ex-girlfriend of 12 years about 3 years ago, she refused to allow me to have a guitar in the house. A couple of months ago after I had to close down my factory for economic reasons, I bought this guitar and a Marshall MG15CFR. …

  • No Name Spectrum AIL 95

    No Name Spectrum AIL 95 - "Pleasantly Suprised!"


    SO, am a "hobbyist" of sorts, and found this in a music store after the holidays in 2015. $ 60.00 plus tax out the door. These can be purchased @ all the big box stores/online/etc. As a beginner's package deal. At my local music store, they had it pr…

  • Ibanez RGDIX6MPB

    Ibanez RGDIX6MPB - "But does it DJENT ?!" has images


    I'd dreamt of it for a while, and here we are: Ibanez finally releases fixed bridge models aimed at prog/metal/djent players. Just as I was about to order from Skeversen (which are specialists in that genre and make sublime guitars), I came across…

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 - "Legendary sound has a price"


    HOW I USE IT : essentially on a Roland Cube 80 amp for genres ranging from blues-rock to jazz through fusion. In all cases, I use a light to very light distortion, a little reverb and sometimes chorus. A few weeks ago, I started to use it with flat t…

  • Aventini XRS

    Aventini XRS - "A True Custom Shop Instrument"


    Ebony Fretboard 24 frets Neck through construction Sapele wood for body Gold Plated Schaller tuners and vibrato Seymour Duncan or Bill Lawrence Pickups (or anything else you may choose!) 2 Vol Knobs, 2 Tones, On/Off switches for each pickup, Spl…

  • Parker Guitars P-38

    Parker Guitars P-38 - "Excellent value used; versatile, light, comfortable, Korea-built quality."


    Parker P38 in red transparent; into a '73 Fender Princeton Reverb. So I am going for very clean tones (Tele, Strat, etc.) in a smaller amp. This guitar is a good match and in like new shape with new padded gig bag and already set up for $350 ? I'm ha…

  • Jackson DK2 Dinky - Eerie Dess Swirl

    Jackson DK2 Dinky - Eerie Dess Swirl - "Nice instrument with good sounds"


    I got this guitar in 2012 and I still have it. Mine is in trans black. It has the look you could expect for a 80's metal guitar. It could be a metal guitar, but it's more than that. these are the specs: -Alder body with flamed maple top (transpa…

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2016 T

    Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2016 T - "Best Les Paul for the money!" has imagescontains audio examples


    This guitar surprised me right from the start. My brother was on vacation in NYC and I asked him to buy me a 60's Tribute 2016 T (P90) but he misunderstood my request and he brought me this one. I needed to say this because it wasn't on my plans at f…