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Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson gibson flying v korina 1958

    Gibson gibson flying v korina 1958 - "gibson flying v korina 1958"


    . great .perfect sound . perfect fingerboard . play eny stil but rock best: Oops2::-Дhttp://img.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_facepalm.gif: Bave:videowefvff rvvevvwevd vqev rfvrv vfrf2rf r3frf3r2 r3ffr3ff r2grg r2g…

  • Yamaha SG200

    Yamaha SG200 - "Vintage Yamaha Gibson Extravaganza"


    This is one of the better electrics ive owned because its a nice loud Gibson SG-like guitar with decent humbucker pick-ups. Feels and sounds great. :bave: Vintage Yamaha means not to be confused with modern Yamaha trend. Got a good deal on this guit…

  • Peerless Hardtail 335

    Peerless Hardtail 335 - "Great Value for the Money"


    These are great guitars. You could think of them as 95% of a Gibson at 33% of the cost. The woodworking is first class. No defects or imperfections of any kind. And the neck is straight, smooth and level. I think top of the line American made(Gibson)…

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio (1995)

    Gibson Les Paul Studio (1995) - "My first Gibson - for only 350 €"


    Hi all ! I’ve used this beast in the studio exclusively, with a Boss GX-700 and a Blackheart Handsome Devil. I mostly play indie rock/metal/blues, and it perfectly suits for such styles ! In the end, my guitar player wants to use it onstage, w…

  • Rickenbacker 330

    Rickenbacker 330 - "2009 Rickenbacker Mapleglo (coming straight from L.A.)" has images


    1. Description: - neck-through construction, open soundholes in the style of Thin Line instruments - Canadian golden rosewood fingerboard (the golder, the better) - 1-piece = neck and body made of selected sycamore maple - 6 SCHALLER tuners - …

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback

    Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback - "Just plain irresistible!"


    I use it with a Toneking Imperial and a blackstar Ht1R. I mostly play blues, rock and Jazz with it. It’s just excellent for theses styles. The satin GoldTop finish is up to anyone’s taste, I really love it. The P90s pickups sound awesome, I can…

  • Harley Benton CST-24HB

    Harley Benton CST-24HB - "A Harley PRS for a very low price" has images


    This model inspired by the PRS Hollowbody I is really surprising. (and for a low, low price, you almost get a tailored suit of a guitar!) A very good, versatile instrument so pretty and unexpensive, you couldn’t get all that a few years back. …

  • Custom77 Blackout Standard

    Custom77 Blackout Standard - "Excellent for saturated sounds!"


    I’ve used this guitar with independant effect pedals (Whammy, Zvex Super Duper 2 in 1, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Boss RE-20 and EHX Memory Man with Hazarai), the multi-effect part of a Boss DR-880, or directly into my soundcard using Mixcraft. I mainly pla…


    Musima STRATOCASTER - "Musima Lead Star Stratocaster" has images


    Ok, I now own 2 of these East German beauties! One Blond with a fatter maple neck and one Black with a thin rosewood board, 12'' radius one both. Both guitars sound and play as good as any strat I've owned with low,buzz free action and spot on intona…

  • Ibanez JEM-JR / JEM333

    Ibanez JEM-JR / JEM333 - "A really affordable JEM !!!" has images


    I play music ranging from blues to metal on a VOX VT 40+. It's an incredibly beautiful, very well-made guitar. I had played for a long time on a home-customized Les Paul and I feel like born again. For metal and everything that involves heavy soun…