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Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Suhr Standard Carve Top Knopfler Spec

    Suhr Standard Carve Top Knopfler Spec - "Suhr Carve Top Knopfler Spec"


    What you are paying for with this instrument is the build quality and standard of components. Don't expect any case candy or even a fancy case, just a typical g and g type job but a very big centre pocket for storing your nick nacks which is gooood. …

  • Epiphone ES-335 Pro

    Epiphone ES-335 Pro - "Epiphone ES335 PRO in-Depth review"


    Budget Gibson ES-335 ? So what do we have here? a guitar with the exact same construction as the real deal (a Gibson ES-335). Or in other words, a laminated hollow body, with solid center block and glued in mahogany neck, bound rosewood fingerboar…

  • Aria 6 String Lap Steel

    Aria 6 String Lap Steel - "Aria Lap Steel seems to be a great Lap Steel for sound & sound adjusting ease." has images


    The amplifier I use "Roland Cube 20X. Play all gospel music. This instrument's workmanship along with its electronics and finish seem to be very superior. We have noticed that its Intonation is adequate. Its neck and touch and feel and shape all c…

  • PRS Santana I

    PRS Santana I - "The first of 3 Good Guitar make for Carlos Santana..."


    I think really this guitar is for me the best off Santana Model because the two mini toggles for select the zebra coils !!! Everything is good the only differences is the finger board. Good design ,rare color:" Emerald green " you can play evething…

  • Hufschmid Guitars H6 Tantalum

    Hufschmid Guitars H6 Tantalum - "What a beast..." has images


    Introduction : This is my second guitar built by Patrick Hufschmid and I would like to thank him for these two weapons... I am by far not an expert when it comes to luthiery, but from all the divers objets I’ve ever had in my hands, non has ever…

  • Gibson Marauder

    Gibson Marauder - "Gibson Marauder"


    The Marauder was a mid 70's attempt by Gibson to compete with the cheap Japanese copies which were flooding the west at that time. Although it was never particularly cheap (around £300 in the UK, which was quite a wedge in those days) they were consi…

  • Ibanez TV650

    Ibanez TV650 - "Pictured is a tv750" has images


    This is not so much a review as a correction. Pictured is the Talman TV750. The only difference between it and the TV650 is the color. The 650's were a cream white, and the 750's have the sunburst/flame color. I've attached a photo from an Ibanez…

  • Hufschmid Guitars H6 'Winter'

    Hufschmid Guitars H6 'Winter' - "Hufschmid Guitars H6 'Winter'" has images


    After receiving my first H6 and getting to know it over the last several months, I've become confident that Hufschmid Guitars are absolutely the perfect instruments for me in both form and function. In light of that, I made the decision to commission…

  • Storm SG100

    Storm SG100 - "Enjoyable Guitar"


    I have have owned loads of guitars over 40 years. Today the standard of manufacturing of low price guitars has greatly increased. However, this guitar was built with a fault. It has set neck, and the neck angle is insufficient. Hence the bridge was a…

  • Steinberger USA GM-7TA

    Steinberger USA GM-7TA - "Distinctive, Versatile, & More Advanced Than Most Guitars Built Today" has images


    The Steinberger GM7TA is not for everyone. I realize this, and have dealt with snide comments about it from almost the day I bought it. Guitarists as a group do not like change, and Steinberger is the embodiment of change. It is also a spectacular…