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Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson Les Paul Double Cut DC Pro

    Gibson Les Paul Double Cut DC Pro - "It was love at first sight." has images


    I absolutely love everything about this fine six string. It has been my everyday player for about 12 years now and I am still amazed by this thing. The only draw back is the notoriously fragile neck this thing has. I have personally cracked mine four…

  • Taylor T5-S

    Taylor T5-S - "Nice guitar BUT"


    I use my Taylor t5 for; direct recording; through a Bose T1 PA with Behringer zenyx 1622 mixer or through my Fender Rumble bass amp (don't laugh, it really has a nice warm sound). I love Taylor guitars and this one is a very nice, well made guitar…

  • Hamer CAL2-SK1 - Black

    Hamer CAL2-SK1 - Black - "BLACK HAMER"


    I bought a guitar because I wanted some of her strata.Co say: -design as Superstrat fingerboard comfortable in the hand-I would compare him ala Jackson, license locks ... Floyd wants a little play with the settings and lubrication to function proper…

  • Hufschmid Guitars H6 Koa

    Hufschmid Guitars H6 Koa - "Hufschmid H6 Koa" has images


    I first heard about Hufschmid Guitars a few years ago; like many guitarists I love to research instruments and gear, and when I found Patrick’s work something really struck a chord in me. The simplicity of the designs, the beauty of the natural wood,…

  • Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong "Signature" Electromatic Hollow Body

    Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong "Signature" Electromatic … - "Beautiful and unique"


    It's magnificent with the green reflections on its black dress. The satin gives it a slight rebel look. No BIGSBY, no pickguard... But the gilding is classy, especially since I complemented it with a golden plate for the Harpe tailpiece. In terms of…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Awesome, ultra-comprehensive"


    I bought directly in Canada. This is the only guitar I have bought without trying it out before. It's the most versatile guitar there is. It's 3 instruments in 1. 1 acoustic-electric part, 1 electric part with 5 pickups in HSH configuration, and a h…

  • G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top

    G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top - "G&L ASAT Tribute Trans-Blk, Carved Top, Alnico Pickups, Coil tap."


    Made in Indonesia, The pickups are made at the The G&L factory on Fender Avenue. Bridge pickup is a coil tap. Has 2 Alnico humbuckers, and a rosewood neck. UTILIZATION The access to the last fret is nice, no dead spots, great sustain with saddle-lo…

  • Godin LGX-SA

    Godin LGX-SA - "Beautiful and Versatile "


    This is a great, Canadian-made guitar. I've been using it for a little over 5 years now and haven't so far felt the need to purchase a new electric because this guitar is so multi-faceted. It has all the normal specs of a great electric. 22 frets…

  • Hufschmid Guitars H6 Singlecut

    Hufschmid Guitars H6 Singlecut - "Swiss perfection" has images


    Hufschmid Guitars is based in Aigle, a small town in the French speaking part of Switzerland. It is run by luthier-artisan Patrick Hufschmid, and no one else. There are few reviews, if any, that capture the level of detail, and attention he puts int…

  • Hufschmid Guitars H-7 Headless

    Hufschmid Guitars H-7 Headless - "Hufschmid Guitars H-7 Headless" has images


    I'm a 25 year old musician and bedroom music producer from Sweden. Music and playing guitar has been my passion for as long as I can remember and throughout the years I have been playing on a large variety of brand guitars. From my first electric gui…