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Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Keiper 115

    Keiper 115 - "Excellent basis for hot rodding" has images


    Specification small size, full acoustic, double cutaway (venetian and florentine) jazz guitar, nature (polyuretan) flat top, spruce body, rosewood fingerboard, gold hard ware, cheap humbucker pickups and cheap die cast tuners, jumbo frets Playa…

  • Harley Benton CST-24T

    Harley Benton CST-24T - "A really top notch guitar!!!"


    I bought it after reading enthusiast comments by people who’d bought it before I did… so no need to add too much (just go and see the website of the well-known German online retailer that sells this brand), but in short PRS had better watch out, for …

  • Hofner Guitars 457

    Hofner Guitars 457 - "Vintage 'modern' Hofner" has images


    I really wanted a Gibson 335 and hankered for years; then the 80s arrived and suddenly all the old and unloved semi acoustics were being touted about by the new British Invasion so anything was game. I spied my E457 on a back wall of Kingfisher Mu…

  • Gibson Derek Trucks Signature SG

    Gibson Derek Trucks Signature SG - "The sound of the Allmans, of the Susan Tedeshi's Band or AC/DC... so so!"


    Gibson SG Derek Trucks, tried it in a store but did not buy it. Tried on a modern Marshall halfstack with clean and crunch channels, with a fender hot rod, a fender Princeton reverb, a 65 deluxe reverb. I've tried it for half an hour. This instrum…

  • Fender Richie Kotzen Stratocaster

    Fender Richie Kotzen Stratocaster - "An interesting finding" has images


    I discovered this little wonder by pure chance… and I essentially was conquered by its look ! I know, how weak of me… Now, you must admit that its flame top red finish and golden hardware do look great! You have to see and touch it with your own e…

  • Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe

    Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe - "I will never play a different guitar" has images


    I bought my Fly Deluxe used at a Guitar Center in Arlington, TX. It had a huge scratch on it and was not in the best of shape. It was priced right and I could afford it, so having always wanted one I bought it. I have sold it twice since then and …

  • Ibanez JS2000

    Ibanez JS2000 - "JS2000 review "


    I use a mesa boogie rectoverb with my JS2000. PROS Ergonomic to hold and light. (Lies in your arms like a beautiful chick) Neck is simply excellent. Smooth like butter so your finger tips just dance around. Sustain and tone excellent via fixed …

  • Jérôme Marchand Elbe

    Jérôme Marchand Elbe - "An electric beauty" has images


    Of course this guitar does deserve 5 stars – but frankly, how objective can you be when judging a unique, custom-designed model made for you to your own specs? You’d have to judge by yourselves, but I don’t see you being disappointed by Jérôme. Th…

  • Ibanez AF71F

    Ibanez AF71F - "Ibanez AF71F Modified."


    Ho comprato questa chitarra dalla tastiera morbidissima e dall'estetica piacevole con qualche dubbio sulla qualità del pick up che trovavo un po' troppo brillante. Ho quindi operato le seguenti modifiche. Sostituito pick up con pickup Kent Armstrong…

  • Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - "Best Punk Rock Guitar for good price!" contains audio examples


    Which amplifier? i'play on vox ac30 with my band: https://zoneinfinie.bandcamp.com/album/rester-et-fuir effect(s) do you use with this guitar? nothing only my amplifier overdrive What playing and musical style(s) do you play with this guitar…