Image Line Fruity Loops 3
Image Line Fruity Loops 3

Fruity Loops 3, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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yoTrakkz 09/05/2011

Image Line Fruity Loops 3 : yoTrakkz's user review


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Fruity Loops 3 was extremely easy to use and the step sequencer is so easy its just point and click and you have a drum and or percussion pattern laid down and ready to go. You can also edit midi notes really easy. If you don’t have a midi keyboard you can use your computer keyboard as a mide keyboard. I didn’t enjoy that too much because it was difficult to tell which note you are actually playing but if that’s what you had to do you could make it work and get pretty good at it. Or you could just use the mouse and draw in the notes yourself and never have to play them out. A lot of musicians have said that they hate programs like these, meaning the ones that you can just draw notes in. They hate it because it allows us to create progressions that are pretty much impossible to play on a real keyboard and just draw them in and make them sound great.


Image Lines Fruity Loops 3 started to change the digital workstation computer software as we know it. Right around the time that Fruity Loops 3 came out is when everyone started creating vst’s to purchase and download so the internet was flooded with vst’s and all types of plug ins. Some good and some bad be none the less they where available for Fruity Loops 3 and it made it that much better.


Fruity Loops 3 was a powerful program that you can upgrade whenever you are ready, FL studio is up to version 10 right now and not too much has changed, just a few minor things in the playlist. But besides that you can hope right onto Fruity Loops 10 and feel right at home like you have used it before and you will have no issues.