Reason Studios Reason 1
Reason Studios Reason 1

Reason 1, Electronic Music Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Reason Studios Reason 1 : FP User's user review


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I would renew the compression module, now you have an analog display, and so it is more difficult to precisely synchronise your drums with a bassline that is gate limited. maybe a digital display perhaps ? i also see a few reverb modules, and few types of samplers... maybe, you can add the roland varios module or a vocoder, or a kind of breathcontroller? to emulate flutesounds (ocarina, flute, clarinet, ...)

i use it for over a year now, i make professional tune and songs for a top dj, but still i haven't figured out the complexibility of the wirering and other stuff, i guess you have to see the logic of it, and have basic knowledge of using LFO bases synthesizers. otherwise for a newbie like myself a year ago, i find it too complex. More personal, i rather use reason, then all the same synthesizers on cubase. cubase, reason and rewire are a winning combination, also wavelab and clean are highly recommended.


I'm a little dissapointed, not in the program but in my soundcard. now if i play on my masterkeyboard on the midi input of my soundblaster live, the synth sounds aren't synchronised, i always have to wait a few milliseconds before i hear the tune. is there a soundscard, that has a better performance on that perticular field ?

the output is in one word superb, i've never been so close in soundquality, when i used my wavetable from my soundblaster, which has a 96 khz soundquality. keep doing such good work


Even in my grave i would use reason, why, because i have a "reason".

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