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Thread piano patch suggestions?

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1 piano patch suggestions?
Whats up guys, i'm running on an E-mu PK6 with XL7 and MO Phatt roms as my main synth. It's pretty weak in some areas but it's got a lot of potential for tweaking the soundset especially for it's price range.I'm working on a track right now that i really need a strong piano(which is not one of this boards best suits) one that has so much sparkle it freaking GLISTENS. If anyone has some suggestions on how to edit the patch so that it resembles the sound of Frou Frous "let go" or Sigur Ros " staralfur" or even that old semisonic song "closing time" i would madly appreciate it. peace
look at www.soundsonline.com
thanks for the link, but i'm not familiar on how i could use the sample cds or how they even work on a board, especially since the pk6 has no onboard sampler
If your sint has midi in/out you can plug it into computer and play these sampled pianos with your keyboard as real piano. Many of that sampled sounds sounds extremly good. Like real instruments.
You should try to get the Ensoniq soundcard for E-MU products. This is the ZR-76 soundset which has one of best piano's around. I saw one on Ebay lately. Note that this is the same ROM-card as the XL-7 etc... So fully compatible.