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Fender Frontman user reviews

  • Fender FM 15R

    Fender FM 15R - MaxXxoR's review


    Specifications: - Guitar Amp 15 W - Reverb (15R only) - 8-inch speaker, 2 channels - Output to external speaker, headphone - Dual Selectable Channels (Normal and Drive), 3-band EQ, master volume, gain, and reverb drive (model 15R only) - …

  • Fender FM 212R

    Fender FM 212R - petzi1664's review


    Everything is already said on this point! Note: Fender spring reverb. Level connectivity is missing is the headphone jack and the XLR! Well, there's all that is what! UTILIZATION Very easy to use even if the opportunities require some fairl…

  • Fender FM 25DSP

    Fender FM 25DSP - phoenix88's review


    25W amplifier transistors. up quickly in power up to 5 but then galre Between a guitar, a headphone jack, a footswitch taken, between 1 RCA (cd, mp3 ...) clean channel: - Rglage volume overdrive channel: - Gain - Volume - Select the …

  • Fender FM 212DSP

    Fender FM 212DSP - duguy182's review


    Amp dot transistors with a power of 100 watts with input, phones, the jack for footswicth and an effects loop. this amp has simulations: 2 of acoustics, a jazz tweed 2 of 3 black face, 4 British, 2 Hot Rod and 2 metal. The fact that there have …

  • Fender FM 25R

    Fender FM 25R - Barnabee's review


    See Opinions of the gray model: transistor 25 W UTILIZATION Extremely simple ... The sound is produced quickly. After that, good or bad ... This is a good amp in its class. No need to book. SOUNDS Used for a long time with a Jackson P…

  • Fender FM 65R

    Fender FM 65R - albanfrusciante's review


    The 65R is the best selling combo 65w fender from home it has a speaker 12 "spcial fender sound that dlivre puissant.L amp possde two entrances, one between footswitch, an effects loop between. It possde a very nice reverb to my gout.Pour how sat…

  • Fender FM 15G

    Fender FM 15G - albanfrusciante's review


    Combo 15w fender Middle Bass Treble gain for channel saturbr /> Auxiliary trs sympathetic to connect the mp3 or discman to play dessu.Prise headset handy when his parents tired. I m 8 because it is a ki amp has what it takes to play Trankil home …

  • Fender FM 210R

    Fender FM 210R - rock_and_lol's review


    65W-transistor amplifier, 2HP 10 " Connectivity-satisfactory, 2 input, one for impdance normal, the other for impdance leve A reverb-intgre (not fantastic) A clean-channel (eq: low + high), a distortion (drive, bass, treble booster) On these…

  • Fender FM 100 Head

    Fender FM 100 Head - Odiofanzin's review


    It is a 100 watt transistor. There are two input and three outputs for which one footwish and 2 others to the effects loop. There are two distortions and a mid contour. UTILIZATION There is no real need of the manual is simple just plug in hi…

  • Fender FM 25DSP

    Fender FM 25DSP - John5Petrucci's review


    25W transistor amp, power low enough so the clean channel can get pretty high but the second channel does not have much dlivre same background ... If it is not in groups as well, you can have fun with or without the risk of the chopper accouphnes ...…