MOTU Traveler-mk3
MOTU Traveler-mk3

Traveler-mk3, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the Traveler series.

ouindel 03/18/2012

MOTU Traveler-mk3 : ouindel's user review

«  a veritable Swiss Army Knife »

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the number of tracks, the two I / O ADAT and then the firewire ...
, unwanted with a mac pro or quad core pc or just with my toshiba. In all cases, no worries. I record mostly nomadic in concerts, festivals, répèts ... sampling and some little studio


Yes the drivers are stable but you need to download the latest version of latency, 4ms input and 6 output to 128 ms as buffer size


one must understand CUE MIX is not obvious at first but when you do it, you can do great things with. no particular concerns


2-3 years since I lost a preamp (actually all of Unit 4 does not work anymore, Buzz) nickel if it works. I had and still has a whole slew of sound cards (hercules 16/12FW, Fireface 800, digi 03rack +, Motu 2408mk3, mk2 ...)
most is the number of tracks, and being able to supply it with firewire (but only with the 6pin pin, with the small pin, it does not work)
least, is the latency that makes a record for a percussionist or drummer you need a powerful machine or activate direct monitoring with zero latency
value for money very very good