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Thread Sound only coming out on one ear.

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1 Sound only coming out on one ear.
Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, a Samson CO1 Condenser Microphone and an XLR Cable connecting them together.
I use Logic Pro X on a MacBook Air.

When recording I plug my guitar (Fender Stratocaster) into my pedalboard (It's a regular pedalboard with 5-6 pedals), the pedalboard goes into my amp. That sound is then picked up by the microphone. From the microphone I use my XLR cable that runs into the first input of the Focusrite. The Focusrite runs into the Mac via the USB cable that is bought with the audio interface.

Here's the problem:

I record with "input 1/2" and "built in output". But when listening to my recordings, the sound comes out only on the left ear. I mean, it sounds good, but the sound coming out only on the left ear is very annoying.

It drives me mad..

Can someone please help me??

hi Cobain...
when you using the focusrite to monitoring sound from your logic is it normal ??...( try to load an mp3 stuff..and listen...)
if it normal then i think just a routing problems...which drive me crazy at the first time i used my 6i6 :furieux::furieux:....could you attached your control mix pict when you start the recording ?
so hopefully i can help you with the routing...

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Try recording two mono inputs instead of one stereo.
The two channels of a stereo input are panned hard right & left by default, as far as I know.
Not sure if you can change that.