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Thread Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ASIO drivers question

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1 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ASIO drivers question
Hi everybody!

I have a question regarding how capable the Scarlett 2i2 ASIO drivers are. I'm a bedroom musician who plays covers, and I want to route my guitar signal to my amp sim (Toontrack EZmix), and have music playback or guitar pro playback happening at the same time. On my previous computer dating back to 2006, I had a M-Audio Audiophile 192 sound card and the ASIO driver allowed me to play guitar and have music/guitar pro playback at the same time with barely any noticeable latency. That solution worked well for me until 2015 when I built my most recent computer. I bought a Behringer UMC202HD interface and while it allows me to route my guitar signal to EZmix, the ASIO driver only allows 1 sound input at a time, so I can't have music or guitar pro playback at the same time. It was suggested to me to buy a Line 6 Pod Studio UX2, but that interface is almost 300 CAD and has average reviews, so I'm hesitant to put the money to buy it.

I saw the 2i2 being reviewed on Glenn Fricker's Youtube channel
, and at 210 CAD on amazon.ca it seems to be a good price and feature match for me. Before purchasing however, I would like to make sure that the ASIO driver will allow me to do what I want. If you have an even better idea for my needs, I'm also open to suggestions.

Thank you for your time!