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1 Crackling audio playback when using Zoom Q8 as a webcam in combination with Scarlett 8i6
Hello there,

I want to use my Zoom Q8 as a webcam on my Lenovo laptop and there is a bad crackling when I start using it in combination with my new Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen. I have tried using the webcam without the interface and experienced no crackling. I also tried using a different webcam, no crackling either. So I believe it has to do with the interaction with my Zoom Camera.

Stuff I tried:
- Updating NVIDIA Drivers
- Removing the Zoom Driver and restarting
- Changing the buffer size
- Installing latest firmware on Zoom

When I restart my laptop and immediately turn on the camera it works fine for a little while and then the issue returns.

Anyone has any idea what this could be?

Thanks in advance!

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I just registered only to say:I'VE GOT THE SAME PROBLEM!

I mean, it really sucks, but at least now i know it's not just me.

My specs:
- Surface Pro 3 (up to date)
- Focusrite Scarlett 18i/20 2nd generation
- Zoom Q8 (2.04, so the newest Firmware)

First i was using OBS because i want to live stream and i thought the crackling might be caused by OBS. Managed to narrow it down to the Q8 with my Scarlett being the issue. As you said, using the internal audio doesn't cause any crackling.

Unfortunately i haven't found any solution yet, but i would like to share at least what i've already tried:

- Connect the Q8 to the laptop and the Focusrite to the Surface Dock and vice versa
- Used the battery instead of the laptop to "charge" the Q8 while in use as webcam
- Used one wallplug for the surface deck in the cellar where i am and a 50m cable from the garage upstairs to the Focusrite (and vice versa) just to check if it's the statics (it's not, dah!)
- Change the Audio definition in for the Focusrite input or output in Windows Audio Settings to lower Standards (16bit, etc.)

Googling is not that easy, as the crackling noise can be described as static noise, crack(l)ing noise, stottering, interruptions, lagging, etc. So let's hope we find a solution soon...

I remember having some issues once with an interface and Youtube-Videos, but i'm not sure if it was with my focusrite.

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I just checked with another interface i have (Arturia Audiofuse). I've got the same problem with that device, so it's not just the combination of Focusrite and Q8. The Audiofuse has a triple USB Hub, so here's what i've tried out now:

I connected the Q8 to the Audiofuse USB Hub. The noise started once the Q8 was transmitting video to the Windows Camera App (first i had to change from the two internal webcams to the third external one). Funny fact is, once i returned to the other webcams, the crackling still continued and and even disconnecting the Q8 the noise persisted. I didn't have that problem using the Surface Dock as a hub...
Hi I've got the same problem with crackling audio using Focusrite 8i6 with zoom. Have tried different mics and settings in zoom and on the focusrite but can't find a solution Any ideas?