Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

DJ Henny 09/24/2011

Steinberg Cubase 5 : DJ Henny's user review

« Great DAW. »

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I was completely sceptical to Cubase at first. I thought it was just another DAW that people used as a cheaper replacement for Pro Tools. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what you use though. Cubase is a very strong competetor for Pro Tools. It is a very stable and quick to use DAW that is marketed at a brilliant price too. I had no compatability issues with it at all, it installed sweetly on both of my computers. The main setup is very simple, allowing you to set up midi channels based off VST instruments or add in Audio channels for sampling or sample loops that you want to use in your song creation.


Cubase is a very good DAW for doing what it says on the tin and more. Plugins such as HalionSonic come with it and are brilliant additions to any producers arsenal. Cubase is very good with memory usage and CPU usage, a lot better than FL studio is during a high level project with lots of plugins running. I haven't been using cubase for a long time as I have only just encountered it during college.


The stock plugins that come with Cubase are some of my favourite features. It is very accessible and can allow PC keyboard usage if you do not ahve a midi controller. Obviously a midi keyboard does help any ventures but it isn't really neccesary as you can use your PC keyboard. I am a huge fan of the mixer that Cubase offers, it looks a lot more professional than any other DAW I have used. The mixer is superb and even the stock effect plugins that come with it are near to industry standard with some tweaking of the presets that come with them. Cubase is easily overloaded though. You should save regularly in cubase and set the project folder to be somewhere you will not forget about. I reccomend an entire new folder on an external hard drive for all folders and projects relating to cubase as it can be a nightmare to find lost work. Knowing what I know now, I would pick Cubase as a DAW to learn as it offers professional results at a much more modest price to Pro Tools.